Beaujolais Bangers

Googling it the French seem to come down firmly in favour of the former: though maybe a little more toward Foi-yar.

Good, clear pronunciation here


Americans and language. Love it

It reminds me of a time when our English product support guy Dick had to escort his Vermonter boss round some Indian airlines.

Panicky phone call from the boss’s secretary to my pal Dick.

Dick. I think there’s a travel problem. You’re going to Chennai and we have Dave heading to Madras…



I’m noticing a pattern - I really enjoy '21 Beaujolais but didn’t that much '20. This Château de Beauregard is sinfully blueberryish while having a gently Burgundian touch of oak.


A fantastic wine, this! So enjoyable…!

Looks like you can also post on the ‘Train Drinks’ thread… :wink:


I’ll eventually update train thread :rofl:

I was unduly worried about this had J Burrier on it after prior experience. This is the best Fleurie I’ve had so far. The only possible downside of this wine is other people judging you for enjoying something frivolous!


Let them judge! You drink and be merry :clinking_glasses:

Jeepers - that guy talks fast !

Can you post the time where he actually says the words we are interested in?



It’s like foie gras - foie-llar. If you speak Spanish it would be Fuallar.

Picked these up


You must’ve pronounced it correctly


Did you get any of their other offerings too?

I found their Beaujolais Naturale to be a lot more interesting than the Nuvo

What are the drinking windows, and of course where available UK ?

I did. I’m a long term fan (they used to sell at my local farmers market) agree the step up to the Natural Beaujolais Village from the Nuvo is well worth it. Their Crus are also well worth it the St Amor is my favourite.

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Looks like I’ll enjoy their crus that are sitting in my wine rack then :yum::yum:

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I see the drinking window of Curcelette as 25-35 and I believe it to be £40 in the UK… Not tasted it yet but Parisians tell me it’s great as they sell it to me for 27€ a bottle.

Am I the only one who thinks there is a larger markup on natural wines in the UK?!

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There definitely is for the most part - I found you could pick them up for about £8-£10 a bottle less in Paris, especially Beaujolais, which we seem to like more than the French do. However, I was surprised to find Pataille costing significantly less at TWS (even after the recent price increases) than any wine shop in Paris…shows the value of their long relationship with him.


Est not so much arrivé as en retard.

Dufaitre is part of the fashionable natural crowd in Beaujolais, mentored by Jean Foillard, and this cost a stunning amount for Beaujolais Nouveau.

Very much a Bojo in style, unmistakably a carbonic maceration wine, but with an uncommon purity of fruit.

Worth it? Objectively probably not, but enjoyed it a lot, and my first nouveau. From Shrine to the Vine.