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Beaujolais 2018

Although not publicised in a formal offer a number of 2018 cru Beaujolais appeared on the list yesterday. Some from familiar producers and some that are new to TWS. Most of the crus are covered. Three are available in six packs but most come in twelves.

For obvious reasons, there isn’t a mixed case ( which counts me out ).


I guess it’s unlikely but really hope some of that Thivin lasts until we can put single bottles in an order…


There’s normally a Beaujolais offer near this time of year. I wonder if there will be some mixed cases added soon?

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What a huge shame there isn’t a mixed case.


I had the Boisseliere Chiroubles in a mixed case the other day and that was good but it is only available by the 12. I probably shouldn’t mention it here but Yapp are selling Morgon Arnaud Aucoeur Cote du Py which Jancis Robinson gave 17 points to and a VGV and apparently also got 3 stars and a Coup de Coeur in the Guide Hachette des Vins 2020


One can only hope. If not, fingers crossed some will remain available if and when orders for single bottles resume.

almost on par with shutting down for a few weeks… :wink:


Sold out I’m afraid.

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So I see,. Will they get more?

I hope so.

I definitely hope TWS start doing mixed case buying again soon as I’d love to get a mix. I’m beginning to crave Beaujolais.


For what it’s worth… the few 2018 BJL I’ve had earlier this year were not really ready to drink - seemed to be a very ripe vintage needing another year or more to get through the ‘ribena’ stage. So I’m leaving the rest of them in the wine rack to gather dust. Certainly wont be buying more.


I’d love to put a mixed case in storage… oh well…

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Is there a way to order less than 12 bottles? Even to store at TWS?

I can’t seem to find this on the website, can anybody help?

I can’t cut and paste the link, apologies for that.

All the wines can be viewed on the main website via the Beaujolais link in the ‘Buy Wine’ section.

Unfortunately not. However, three of the wines are available in six packs which can be sent to reserves, or for home delivery, should you wish.

As @Embee mentioned, you can order any whole box as packed by the producer, either for reserves (any total £) or for delivery (£75 total for free delivery).

You can now filter the wines you are looking at by box size - there are some 3s, 4s (?), 6s, 12s and 24s


I have to report that I have tried the Morgon Aucoeur Cote du Py 2018 with bangers and mash and it is absolutely delicious. It is full of fruit. It could possible be criticised as being in a ribena stage but I think any Beaujolais enthusiast would be delighted to try it.


Will be great when TWS goes back to single bottle mixed cases. Hopefully a few Clos Du Roilette will be left.0