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Be paid £300 to taste Prosecco

Here you go…

I think I’d need another nought on that :yum:


Interestingly we should start to see Rosé prosecco hitting our shelves around January time . Like anything, I’ll probably try it eventually but it’s not something I’ll be rushing out to buy. I can see it being a huge success among the “prosecco party” crowd .


This bit sounds interesting, but why would a Prosecco company want to send me to Franciacorta?


It’s a job, same as any other. Sounds like a lot of time and effort for very little reward - unless you REALLY like prosecco & Treviso in the cold spring.

I guess they are looking for a social media ‘influencer’ with a big audience to ‘leverage the brand’ (I got that from t’interweb). In which case, win/win?

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This is your chance for the big time @willrcwyatt


My chance for the even bigger time, you mean? I just LOVE drinking sparkly, bubbly stuff!

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There was a user on CT a while ago whose every tasting note for Champagne and Prosecco (and indeed probably lime and soda) was 100 points and using exactly that language, with copious punctuation and symbols. I hope they didn’t feel too put out by the 15 or so rejected friend requests :grinning:


It’s not at all clear to me what the point is. Checking on some details, it seems they select the person at random from the entrants. But then why do they say they need up to 250 words from you. And sometimes they refer to it being a prize, and in other places a tasting job.

My theory is that the competition itself (as opposed to any resulting SM publicity) is just a cynical half-baked attempt to get attention. Afterall, we all know about Pink Prosecco now. I certainly know as much as I need to.

In the words of the dragons - “I’m out”.

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Exactly - we agree - it’s all about getting attention. And the best way (apparently) nowadays is social media. The ‘winner’ wont be chosen at random but will depend on the size of that person’s audience which will be thousands - leastways that’s my opinion. And all that for £300.

Mmmmm pink fizzy Prosecco. Its going to be all over 2021.


Thank goodness TWS is above hyping up wines like the bin series on Instagrot

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