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BBQ Wines Summer 2019


Ok, its warm in the North East for a change. It may rain by Sunday but I’m hoping for this continuing stretch of warm(ish) weather.
I would be interested to hear what everyone’s go to BBQ and al fresco dining wines are? At the end of June I’ll be having a birthday bbq for my little boy who will be turning 4. Last year I went with these boxed wines:

and for a sparkler this is frizzante from Portugal:

All the wines went down really well and tbh there wasn’t much left of any by the end of the day.
I’d like to change it a little this year so what do you like drinking while bbq-ing ? Do you have stable white/red/rosé that you drink ??


@Leah Hortas do Caseirinho Frisante White Sparkling
Clear citrus colored wine with a fine and persistent needle. Fresh aroma, floral notes, pear and green apple and light tropical notes. In the mouth it is…
£ 2.43. You know where :wink:

The Rose variety is the same price.


5 litres!! :astonished:


That’s where I buy it :wink:


That way it lasts longer than a week…


you haven’t met my neighbours…:roll_eyes:


I’ve always felt this would be a nice accompaniment to a bbq

Failing that I default to a nice new world Shiraz. Depends what’s going on the grill really!


By the sound of it the new Bin series Bobal might just be the perfect BBQ red…


Loads of great BBQ wines on here - great job, guys!

Here’s a few of my personal favourites too:



This wine is actually £12 per bottle in the current multi buy offer… very tempting at the massive discount.


Absolutely! :wine_glass::+1:t2:


A bargain indeed! #GreatSavingsforSummer


Availed myself of a case looked too good at that price.


Yes, I saw that :slight_smile: The other wine you chose is also great and has a long life, which makes a case of 12 a good option. I reckon also good BBQ wine…


We don’t really BBQ much, but if and when we do, I have to have either a Verdejo or an Albarino to hand - this one’s a peach:

And for reds - we tend to prefer the lighter tannin/higher acid ones; this Cab Franc would work well, I think:

Or this delicious Mencia:

Though Zweigelt and Sicilian Frappato are also welcome to the party.

As for rosé, pretty much any dry one with good texture would do, but my favourites are ones from Navarra:

And, of course, Tavel:

Bring it on! :sunglasses:


Cheers, think I remember @Leah raving about the Marsanne that’s why I chose that and also as you say the drinking date.


Always always :rofl:! I have a case of that 2017 in reserves, it won’t stick around it never does . Also great the Tavel is back thanks @a11an5garcia and @inbar :+1::+1:! That summer case looks great :+1:!


Always unsure about this topic. Often the finer points of a wine are missed in the hub-bub of a BBQ, and one has to select wine according to your guests.
So often a wine lake product will do. I made a mistake once of taking a fairly expensive bottle to. BBQ…opened straight away by hosts…finished in a blink of an eye, to be followed by a 3l bag of Sainsbury’s…without a murmur!!


I think it really depends on how you barbecue.

I can understand not using the good stuff if it’s just grilling some burgers, sausages, etc. Also if you’re having people round who may go for volume over quality you’re better off going for a crowd pleaser.

If you’re going for low and slow cooking get the good stuff in a decanter and enjoy yourself. I’ve easily paired good pinot noir with my barbecues recently. A boned leg of lamb slowly cooking for a few hours on the barbecue develops a host of flavours that an oven can never manage and the smoke ring is just something else!

I feel that generally barbecue is rated as a poor form of cooking. When done with a bit of care and attention it can easily out perform a conventional oven for flavour and therefore is worth the best wine.