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Barolo vs Barbaresco - a Nebbiolo thread


My dad and I shared a bottle of the 2011 over Christmas and I remember it was delicious, but it did not get the attention it deserved. Thanks for pointing it out, I might pick up another bottle as a bin end to try it properly.


Ok here I go

I might go for basic Barolo
As the price is quite low

However the cru Cannubi
Is too much for a newbie

And a lovely bottle of Bricco
Is too pricey to give it a go.


I’m not an expert on nebbiolo, I find Italian wine a bit of a minefield but one that I am determined to understand better.

The producers that I have found and enjoyed are

GD Vajra
Renato Ratti
Michele Chiarlo


2013 - that could explain your findings. I usually reckon on a minimum of 7 years old for Barbaresco and Barolo, and 10 years old is still ‘young’. “But how do you get 10 y.o Barbaresco?” Easy! You buy it at the cellar or enoteca when it has 3 years and keep it fairly carefully for 7 or 12 years.


I would generally avoid touching any serious nebbiolo until it’s at least 10 years old, and preferably a whole lot more. Have a fair bit from the early years of this century, but not really tempted to open any for a good few years yet.

The mountain ones are often ready a bit sooner. The Sperino is a case in point - lovely wine.


Which means doing an EP order! :grinning:Maybe not this year…


My tongue was well into my cheek - though it is what I have done. Jumped in my car and spent a day driving the 850 miles to Barbaresco; about once a year for 40 or 50 years. Not any longer I fear! And it only really works if you are only interested in one district - and it is ‘only’ 850 miles away. 17x12 bottles in an MG Metro was my best effort. I think my smell/taste buds will be past their best when I am 99, and the 2029 vintage is just starting to mature! {{ Terrible arithmetic 1st shot! - said “1919” vintage.}}


Crikey! Sounds like fun though. I know very little about the grape itself or the districts, so wouldn’t feel confident in putting in a Barolo EP order at the moment.


Don’t worry about that. Just pick a few that sound good and then do " Ip dip sky blue /
Who’s it not you…"


Haha! I’ll see what my bank balance is looking like and have a think…