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Barolo vs Barbaresco - a Nebbiolo thread


Thanks. Very funny!


I’ve not really tried much Barolo/Barbaresco, mainly because I can’t afford it, and I don’t have the cellar to safely keep a wine for 10+ years. Not wines to entrust to the cardboard boxes in my closet.

I had a bottle of the Langhe Nebbiolo 2014 by Proddutori di Barbaresco at Sager and Wilde a little while ago and thought it was lovely, charmingly floral and fresh, even for a relatively ‘cheap’ bottle. Divided the group a bit though - not everyone found the tannins easy to handle.

Managed to pick up a bottle of 2007 Vallana Gattinara in the BBR sale a little while back and am hoping for good things.

I find the pricing vs quality a bit like Burgundy, tough to grasp without pretty extensive knowledge of the region and winemakers, especially given the substantial variations in winemaking style, and the price discourages experimentation.

Has anyone come across the Friesa grape?

Is there a society offer coming soon?


I’ve had a couple of Freisas - almost sharp and definitely tannic, but delicious! You have to shop around a bit to find it, but it’s worth doing :+1:


While we’re on the subject, has anyone tried this?

It looks rather nice, and perhaps lacking the price inflation experienced by more famous appellations. I’m tempted to give it a whirl at some point.


I’ve had the 2011 and really enjoyed it. But I’m holding the other bottle a year or so to age a bit more. I


Valtellina Superiore.

Almost impossible to find in the UK, yet widely available in Milan. Nebbiolo (I think) from the foothills of the Italian Alps - please correct me if you know more. Similar, but not the same as Barolo - somehow drier, smoky and more fragrant - but is depends much on the year / grower…

I wish TWS could get their buyers to search out a couple of these ?


Thanks all. Very interesting.


I had the previous vintage of this Langhe Nebbiolo and it was lovely. Haven’t yet got round to buying any of the 2016. The price has gone up though. It was £14 for the 2015. I would definitely have already bought more had it still been that price.


Barbaresco - this is excellent - translucent strawberry red in the glass & more evolved than you might expect from a 2014 bottle. Parker (I detest his awarding of points) gave it 94/100. Surprisingly perfumed, with a light touch of oak & not at all heavy.

Personally, I much prefer the lighter refined style of Nebbiolo compared to the heavy inky sort.


I love that Barbaresco. I was lucky enough to accompany Sebastian, our buyer, on a trip to Piedmont a few years back and we tried the '14, which showed great potential even as a barrel sample.

Produttori’s managing/technical director Aldo Vacca is one of the most impressive people I’ve met in the trade. He puts Barbaresco’s resurgence down to climate change, but I think his management of the co-operative has had a big influence too.


Interestingly I just listened to a podcast last week (mentioned here), where they interviewed Aldo Vacca from the Produttori di Barbaresco and he said that they always go for maximum extraction. Quite surprised, but also happy to hear this drinks so beautifully now, might buy a bottle.


I’ve just come back from a wine tour in Piemonte where we met Aldo - I second everything said about him; he gave us as well such a comprehensive introduction to the area and its history.


Finally got around to listening to this podcast yesterday as well. Such a good listen and really helps to understand the region. Aldo certainly knows Barberesco inside and out!


I found myself in Hove with time to kill this morning, so popped into Quaff, a pretty decent wine shop in Portland Road. They’ve now got a tasting table and had this beauty available under Coravin. They totally saw me coming. Beautiful perfume, much lighter and fresher than a Barolo but still plenty of grip. A snip at £16. @Inbar - if you happen to be passing a Quaff anytime soon this is definitely worth seeking out!

What's in your basket? [25 Jun]

I feel completely lost when it comes to Barolo. I know I like it, because I’ve had some wonderful wines, but I’ve also had lots that were disappointing - thin, astringent and uninteresting. I was a little underwhelmed by a case TWS did last year which I hoped would help me explore a few producers. But I do remember one wine I bought at the showroom that I absolutely loved, so perhaps someone with more knowledge can help point me in some good directions for wines/producers that I should look out for if I like this?


Thanks for the tip, @Bargainbob! :+1: sounds fantastic! There’s a Quaff about 10 minutes from my house, in Fiveways, so may pop in this weekend! A few months ago I bought a Langhe Nebbiolo from them, from a producer I like, called Malvira:
It’s somewhere under the stairs - saving it for the winter! It was £13.99, so a good deal too.
Heading to Butlers this morning, funnily enough, to spend some birthday money courtesy of my mum :wink:
Windy out there, is it not?!! :tornado:


Good to know @tom. I got a bottle of the 2013 Acclivi in the Barolo 2013 mixed 6 ep offer last year.
I’m a bit like you in regards to Barolo. I know it’s a fine and fantastic wine and have had a couple crackers but find the tannins a bit challenging most of the time. Hence the speculation buy with the mixed 6 pack.


Not a bad price for a Langhe Neb - I don’t think I’ve had a Malvira before. Let me know how it goes. Should be great with slow cooked beef!
And yes, definitely breezy out there today!

I bought a bottle of this for a Nebbiolo-loving friend’s birthday. Looks like it’s on sale at the moment, along with the 2005 Ghemme Torracia del Piantavigna


They’re a good, consistent producer - at least this is my experience. I had their Arneis and their Brachetto - both very good (especially the Arneis!). Quaff sell a few of their wines.
Got back from Butlers with a Sauvignon Blanc Fume from Oliver Zeter (delicious and different!), and a Niepoort white Portuguese blend… I do love their shop :ok_hand::grinning:


Gaaak. Now I want it even more! Must…be…strong…