Barolo Monvigliero, GB Burlotto 2014

Well well well.


They look better out of the box. :wink:

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One of them is going to look even better in my glass tonight. :wine_glass:


I hope it was an error that the Society was selling the Barolo for £39 - the price of this wine has rocketed recently and elsewhere it is at least £110 a bottle .

I fear another pricing error and a great deal of flipping . It also appears in the hard copy of Sebastian’s Travels in Italy.

If it was sold in error at that price I hope the Society recalls some of the orders as they did with the Chave

Not sure it will be in there long enough to form an opinion on that.

That’s interesting! You are correct - Fine & Rare are listing it at £111 per bottle excl tax. Either F&R have got it wrong, or anyone who has bought a bottle through TWS at £39 has bagged them self a bargain!!

You can only buy it (at least that is true for the last few days) as part of the mixed case.

I think it was listed separately but sold out so quickly it was almost like it was underpriced!

To be clear, other merchants are broking this at a higher cost - there is no way of saying whether they are actually selling it.

The price of the 2014 at £39, is up almost 25% on previous vintages and is in line with the ex cellar door price. This is a good wine at a fair price, with a silly secondary market “value” that I do not expect sees many transactions.

The wine was limited to one six pack each, and still took several days to sell out. I think The Society have handled the release of this wine perfectly, opportunity has been given to obtain this to a wide membership and quantities restricted to a reasonable amount. I can see absolutely no cause for complaint.

Should any members be routinely buying wines which are sought after on the secondary market and quickly flipping them by having them delivered to storage at other merchants, I am sure action would be taken against such individuals.


Absolutely right.

To be clear my comment wasn’t meant as a complaint at the way tws have handled this at all, though I can see that it might look snarky. I’m constantly surprised by the value at all levels that tws offer, long may it continue.

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Sold out now :frowning:

Glad I got my order in. :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:


It does!


It does!


Almost a “full house”


We’re any of the Chave orders recalled?

How did you get on with the Pelaverga? We saw off a bottle yesterday and thought it was absolutely glorious!

Will have finished it off tonight. Never had the grape before and will definitely buy it again.

Very earthy, like smelling and tasting a mouthful of soil, but still light and fragrant and delicious. Very unusual and loved it.


Story of my life…:sweat_smile: