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Barolo Monvigliero, GB Burlotto 2014

I’ve noticed this just appear on the site, along with the GB Burlotto 2016 Lange Nebbiolo, which looks to already have sold out.

It would seem as though quantities of the Barolo have been limited to six bottles per member, although as this is offered in 12 bottle cases, it would seem that you cannot order for delivery to members reserves, something that may be worth a call with member services to see if, in this case, smaller numbers of bottles can be placed into reserves.

TWS have 6 of Burlottos wines on at the moment - would be interested to try some of his ‘minor’ wines incl. the Dolcetto !

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There’s a mixed case that includes the langhe. Couldn’t resist!


I’ve had previous vintages of the Langhe Neb and the Pelaverga in the past. The Nebbiolo might have been the best I’ve ever had. The Pelaverga was the only one I’ve ever had! Not surprising given how little of the grape is planted. It’s lovely though - not unlike strawberries and cream. Delicious!

I hadn’t spotted that - thanks for the tip! Purchase made :ok_hand:

Just went for a bottle of the Barbera and the Pelaverga - Look forward to trying them!

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Looks like the mixed case now includes 2 bottles of three wines, not one each of six - although the website rubric has not caught up with stock deletion.

The 2 Langhes and the Barolo have gone. A much less attractive purchase as a result.

I just called member services to check this as i’d already ordered that case. The website is wrong. The case has one bottle each of those 6 wines listed. The Barolo and 2 Langhes can only be ordered as part of the mixed case which is why they are not showing in more detail and you cannot click through to a separate page.

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Thanks for checking. The sentence:

‘A six-bottle case containing two bottles of each of the following’ was confusing.

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It wasn’t confusing. It was wrong! They were going to mention it to the web team.

I nabbed one of the mixed cases. It’s outstanding value for the Barolo and a great chance to try some unusual varietals. I’m a bit wary of a 15% ABV Barbera!

The description has been updated to read ‘A six-bottle case containing one bottles of each’ which is… close enough.


My case arrived this morning. One bottle of each of the 6 as promised!

Almost a shame to put them away in the wine rack. They look beautiful!


That’s a lovely rack!!

Mine are arriving this am too, can’t wait.


Jealous but I brought too much Rhône.:yum:

The rack looks pretty nice too, to be fair!

Mine arrived this morning as well. The Barolo, Langhe Neb and Freisa are all going to be kept out of sight for a while…

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Got a few too many holes to fill with bottles but getting there! I now need to update Cellar tracker with the latest purchase.

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That rack looks like a dream (or at least my dream) come true! Enjoy! May I ask what you do for temperature control?

I have an air con unit in there which keeps the room at a regulated temperature.

Great! Looks like the perfect set-up!

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Thanks @Tomitom !