Bank HolidayWeekend Drinking Thread 26 - 29th Aug 2022

Sounds lovely but I think that’s a different Burlotto. It’s the G B Burlotto everyone got excited about recently; TWS sold a different Burlotto Pelaverga earlier on and it looks like that’s what you have been enjoying. Now I wish I’d bought some!


Indeed and the respective wineries are located almost opposite each other on the street through Verduno. I’m not sure what the history is; I’ve booked a visit at Massara for early next month; (tried to do the same at G B Burlotto but they were already hosting a private tour that morning and don’t have a cellar door); I asked Massara (G C Burlotto) about what the connection was between the two and got a rather cagey and non-committal answer ! Does anyone know any background to this ?


The whole estate was owned by the Commendatore GB Burlotto - from his home the Castello di Verduno - and was split up through inheritance into several parcels/(eventually wineries), is my recollection.


Enjoyed this delicious Vergelegen an old favourite from SA visits years ago and thanks to @Herbster to add this to his HQ list - great wine for the price.

When will we see 2021 vintage?


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Better again this evening for me. Another nudge to participating in the EP

A lot better than the Alberdi from memory. It’s my first 874 but for me the acidity was in balance and it was very much drinking now. We had a glass of Oncle Vincent, leflaive beforehand that definitely had higher relative acidity.

I like my rioja to be a bit more balsamic and strawberry like.

More modern Rioja styled perhaps?


We had a smashing day with my sister-in-law and her partner. Her partner has been struggling with cancer for the last four years, but it hasn’t stopped his bon viveur self from making the most of what life has to offer, and we love him for it.

One of his greatest joys is his home-built bar, which would put many a commercial bar to shame. The selection on offer is just mind boggling!

Today I tried a mix of Champagne and wild hibiscus flower… Strange, but delicious! The flower can be eaten afterwards, too.

We drank this with a starter of Moules (well, we are in Belgium after all) cooked on the BBQ in a Pastis sauce - fab combo!

Main was Vitello Tonnato, which we drank with the most inappropriate wine match…

Château Rozier, Saint-Emilion grand cru, 2016

Strangely, this didn’t clash with the food as much as I feared. It was a smooth operator - perhaps too smooth (?), but a crowd pleaser without a doubt! It had notes of ripe plums, black currants, vanilla and cocoa, a smooth, silky texture and long liquorice finish with balanced acidity. Very easy to enjoy! :ok_hand:

We finished the evening with a glass of Calvados…

Oh my, it was a cracker! :star_struck:
Smooth, with rich notes of apple and spice it was a perfect match to our wild dancing to Plastic Bertrand’s Ça Plane Pour Moi.… God knows what the neighbours made of it all… :grin: :clinking_glasses:


That is one amazing home bar….especially given the story, hope he will soon be able to enjoy.


Can’t beat a bit of Plastic Bertrand, especially after a few drinks :partying_face:

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Thank you :pray: he’s certainly not letting the illness get in the way of a good drink…

Loved this anecdote:

Apparently this Belgian gin producer was berated for using Churchill’s name for their gin… So they changed it to Sir Chill… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


A great catch up supper with a very good friend. Any one notice anything strange about the Ch D’Aighuilhe?


It’s got another i in it? Not strange though, surely?

Sorry James, the perils of typing without one’s glasses, corrected now :face_with_monocle:

Take a closer look!


I can’t see anything particularly strange (yes, it is white), but I rather like the strange red creature at the top of the crest.

@Tannatastic yes, I never knew this wine existed and was offered at a recent visit to Aiguilhe. It is evidently very small production and not generally exported ( not aware of the validity of this or not) but I was able to purchase six bottles of the 2018. 100% Sauvignon and oaked, it is a very interesting wine that necessarily flies under the radar I think.


This with Iberian Pork Shoulder at lunch today

Pleasant enough with lunch, but felt a bit muted overall (popped and poured at restaurant) so have brought some back to villa to revisit later/tomorrow.


Trying another bottle of this. Not much changed from 15 months ago. Sweet but with a balancing acidity, not as much complexity as you might expect from an 18 [edit actually 28] year old wine. Ordinary.

[Another edit: after a few hours in a decanter the wine has evolved somewhat, quite juicy, moreish even. But the benefits of ageing are still elusive.]


Finally getting to this, Bin #12 that I won in the draw a few weeks ago. And I’m loving it.

Bin #012 Mando Rosado, Valencia 2021

Makes a great first impression with a very striking copper/orange colour. All fruit on the nose, think cherry, strawberry, rhubarb. Palate similar but something green and stalky (in a nice way) joins the party. Very supple/mellow and ends with a good mouth-filling tingly finish.

Love trying new varieties and going on this, Mandó is welcome in my house anytime. Wonder what the full red is like?


As much as I wish 1994 was only 18 years ago, isn’t that a 28 year old wine?? :smiley: (It’s still a fabulous colour if so).


Ok, the Rioja has had 24 hours of breathing, and it has evolved a bit. The acidity is softer, balanced, with a bit of spicy heat in there, which may well be the 14.5% alcohol. A bit less cherry, a bit more wild strawberry, some minerality, herbiness.

Not quite the smoooooooooothness of a classic Rioja reserva, but may well get there with time. Methinks this means I’ll be in for the EP offer.