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Bank Holiday weekend drinking thread [28 to 31 August 2020]

Roc de Cambes from 2000 must have been worthy of a tasting note? :grinning:


It was very, very good on it’s day!! :+1:
I drank a vat of it. :blush: :dragon:

Last day in Alsace, and not sure when we’ll be able to get back :frowning_face: Normally we’d plan for late October, but currently that seems very unlikely. Hopefully Christmas, but really, who knows. :crossed_fingers:

The weather here was pretty rotten today - the remnants of Storm Francis I guess - so cooler weather food. Entrecôte, gratin dauphinoise, and a bottle of Mas de Daumas Gassac 2011, inspired by the 2019 En Primeur offer and subsequent thread

Nothing to change my opinion that this is very drinkable now. Opened a couple of hours in advance. Like the previous bottle it was a bit barnyardy at first, but that was gone after half an hour or so, and while it’s got a long life left, it’s giving a lot of pleasure right now. Brambles, currants, liquorice, leather, very smooth tannins, long, well integrated, and a good complement to the steak. It’s a few years since I last bought some, and I will be trying for some 2019.

Now for quarantine.


With noisette of lamb, salad leaves and my ‘world famous’ (in our house anyway) polenta chips we had this very fruity number. Not very complicated really, nice fruit, lots of black currant and plum, good acidity, a bit boozy at 14.5% but very drinkable.


I am a late convert to Cranston’s since becoming an expat Cumbrian. Born and raised in Whitehaven I wouldn’t have heard of Cranston’s when I was a nipper. My parents, having dragged us away from West Cumberland for work purposes, retired back to a village near Penrith to be back home but near family.

There are some great butchers in Penrith but my aunt, the font of all local knowledge, is a Cranston’s fan. And you don’t argue with your aunt if you know what is good for you! And their sausages are great.

I deplore the outbreak of ‘Cumberland’ sausage that you can find in supermarkets even here in Southampton these days. Crazy! Uptons is a great local butcher and their sausages are things of beauty, but thank God not a ‘Cumberland’ in sight.


My lockdown trip through the nice bottles in the wine rack has been put on hold for the time being so I’m on the Jaume 5l box for now. However it’s nearly September and couldn’t put off this months celebration from my nv halves case much longer, about time we raised a glass.

(it’s deja vu all over again)

Lovely creamy apple with a hint of autumnal crunch.


Congratulations, @tom! :clap::smile::tada: what a wonderful photo :+1:


You know. I’d be happy to head over and keep your property cleaned and sorted for a couple of weeks :wink::wink:. I would even leave you wine :joy:! Safe trip home :house: amd if you ever want a house sitter or “renter” let me know :+1:


@tom!! TOM!!! he/she’s been born !!! Huge congratulations!!! How amazing!! Hopefully we will see the TWS vest make an appearance again! Amazing news ! Hope your wife is ok :+1:! Pass on my congratulations because she has totally done the hard work !! Such fabulous news xx


A mixed tasting case of Domaine Pichard was retrieved from Reserves this week.

Technically 4 of the 6 wines are now outside of their drinking window, but in my limited experience, French tannat needs plenty of time. This blend includes 25% Cab Franc and 5% Cab Sauvignon.

So, I chose the oldest vintage to open first, the 2004 Cuvee Auguste Vigneau…

Well, it’s drinking perfectly now and has lots of life left, in my opinion. The colour is a rich black-red, no hints of age at all. The nose is fruity - a little cassis, purple plum and blackberry. This follows into the taste with medium+ acidity and then a mouth coating chalky tannin finish. Nicely balanced. Not much in the way of tertiary aromas or flavours, really quite fruity even after so many years. I guess the tannins would cope well with the typical duck gastronomy of the region. I’ll try it with some cheese instead!


Fabulous , I have a bottle I’m saving for later on in the year and I too felt it can last quite some time so good to hear your thoughts :+1:

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French Tannat is high in anthocyanins , and so takes decades to lose it’s deep colour, which is why they always look young, apparently :smiley:



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First things first, I worked out on Friday what I hadn’t picked up on Thursday. The elusive flavour on the palate was rhubarb! Never had that in a rosé before, the astringency added to the enjoyment with food, I think.

My siblings adopted part of a cow for my birthday. My stint as adopter didn’t last very long, as the rest of it was ‘adopted’ in fairly short order and big box of beef arrived on my doorstep. Last night I received orders for steak, so served up 1 ribeye and 1 sirloin from my happy, free range adoptee.

Opened this to go with them

A blend of Magliocco Dolce and Magliocco Canino from Calabria. A lovely match for red meat, quite big and juicy, while retaining some freshness from the acidity. Red fruit, tobacco and clove, medium to long finish. We liked it so much only 1 glass left for tonight.


Pataille Marsannay very good tonight after 24 hours in the eto. Slightly more acidity but lots of lovely woody and vegetal notes.


Congrats! I count at least 3 of us on here now who’ll be buying something special and long lasting in the 2020 vintage of our favourite wines…!


Congrats @tom

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@JayKay, my dad was Cumbrian, and if he get his mitts on them, only Woodall’s Waberthwaite sausages would do !

Edit - or are they Westmoreland sausages ?

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In an effort to keep summer going we bbq’d last night, although it was definitely cooling down and a last minute switch on the wine from a Chardonnay to this…


Good to compare, although 1990 and 2011 not a fair comparison.