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Bank Holiday weekend drinking thread [28 to 31 August 2020]

I should possibly use this to start the weekend drinking thread as I don’t work Friday’s. I opened the GB Burlotto Pelarverga last night. Woe is mine, it was slightly corked. :frowning:

Thankfully just leaving it for half an hour was enough for the TCA to be blown off and we tucked in. Dried fennel and black pepper at the front with a little red fruit behind it. Simple but delicious (I definitely preferred the Dolcetto though, probably an unfair comparison since the corkedness will have detracted). Needed a plate of salami really.

Next up with a stupid big steak was the last bottle from my Lockdown Mystery Fine Wine Bin End (that’s a lot of words!) case. A 2013 Exhibition Barolo. I was a little tentative about this as 2013 is less than 10 years ago, so felt a little (lot) young to be approaching a Barolo, especially one from a cooler year. I gave it a decent decant (5 hours) and while it was clearly young, it was not undrinkably young.

Lots of structure, acid and tannin. More on the flowers side of the tar and flowers spectrum with both fresh and dried red cherries and cranberries underneath. After being less impressed with some of the Exhibition wines I’ve had recently, this (along with the truly stunning White Hermitage) has brought me back into the fold on them.

We then proceeded to drink nearly half a bottle of Chairmans Reserve spiced rum between 3 of us, which made me very glad I don’t work Friday’s and today’s gym session very hard indeed!


Hope you don’t mind - but I took your suggestion :wink: :+1:

EDIT: just realised you drank it yesterday… Doh! :woman_facepalming:


Tonight from the 2019 EP offer (I think)


Sounds like a good evening! Just to check, am I right in thinking that the Society’s white hermitage sold out and is no longer available? It’s had several strong recommendations on here, recently.

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2003 Prieure de Saint-Jean de Bebian Languedoc

In peak condition. Spicy, mature, complex. From TWS, many years ago.


Alas yes. I’m really hoping it comes back.

I saw that these cases are still listed: £129 for a case of six. I’m tempted but would be interested to hear from those that have ordered what kind of wines they’ve found inside.


Mine was a bit pricier than that one, but I got:

2005 Contino Vina Del Olivo
2013 Exhibition Barolo
2010 Chateau Certan Marzelle
2014 Exhibition Hermitage Blanc
2014 Chateau de Beauregard Pouilly Fuisse
Boizel NV Champagne

I think this was about £170 for the six. Prices wise the Rioja and the Pomorol would have cost £60 each, and then the others around £35 a bottle so there was a significant saving. They’ve all been great wines.

There was a thread when they first appeared to give some more insight.


This tonight (Lafon Volnay Santenots 2002).

I had the 2001 a few weeks back which wasn’t really coming out to play. This is much more approachable (though in no way fully mature) with ripe strawberry and a savoury almost balsamic element though it’s not out of balance. I still think this will be better in another five years or so.


Many thanks Mr. Straw, that’s very helpful.

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Starting off with the ‘17 of this tonight

Ridiculously drinkable after a day shifting gravel and decorative garden slate (between torrential downpours!).
Tropical and slightly sweet nose of lychee, lemon zest & grapes. Palate is pretty dry with plenty acidity though.
Nibbling on a few salted, lightly battered whitebait which are going together nicely.
Chicken pie in the oven.
Happy Friday everyone :blush:


We usually don’t drink Fridays, but the other half presented a flowchart, and some diagrams to explain why we should drink this Friday - and I don’t argue with scientific reasoning.

So, game pie is in the oven, and we just poured a glass of 2017 Raats ‘Jasper’ Red Blend, which we decanted for a few hours:

From what I read on TWS website, Raats specialise in Cab Franc (I am yet to try their 100% Cab Franc, but it’s on my radar); this blend is 53% Cab Franc, with some Malbec, Merlot, Cab Sauv and Petit Verdot in the mix too. First glass is very enticing indeed!

Nice hit of cassis and plums on the nose, as well as baking spices, pencil shavings and sweet tobacco. On the palate it starts with plump fruit - blackcurrant, dark cherries, plums and blueberry jam, then more subtle notes of smoke and clove develop, followed by a slightly medicinal note on the (medium) finish. Good amount of acidity is holding the ripe fruit in check.

It is certainly mostly in the primary and secondary territory still, and we both feel it’s got a nice life ahead of it, where it may develop more complex flavours; the woody tannins also need some time to integrate. For the moment this is delicious and generous, but the second bottle (we only got the two) will certainly wait a little longer.

The empty glass has a fabulous violet perfume, which reminded us this is a blend with Cab Franc at the helm… :heart:

Happy bank holiday weekend, everyone! :clinking_glasses: :smile:


Nothing better than a spot of wine-science :nerd_face:


Drinking flowcharts - hilarious! :rofl:


We bought this after attending our first lockdown Zoom session with TWS.

White pepper, peach, white flowers, olive oil and almost savoury umami nose. Golden yellow. Delicious light flavours of apricot, lemon, touch of pepper and a green leaf quality. Have 5 more so will watch it change over time.


I got a free bottle of this a few months back. They sent it by mistake instead of a bottle of '14 Climens (if it had been a lesser bottle I may have raised no fuss :smiley:).

I was taken aback a little (in a nice way) when they said keep it, despite still sending the Climens out on a later order. I had it chalked down for ‘drink in a couple of years time’.


I went for one at that price, and was very happy with what I got:

Boizel Brut Réserve NV
Ch Mont-Redon 2001
Ch Ormes de Pez 2003
Sylvain Pataille Marsannay La Montagne 2015
De Morgenzon Reserve Chardonnay 2018
Tenute Pieralisi Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi 2016

Overall, worth quite a lot more than I paid.


We ate out at lunchtime today - fried carp and chips with a half litre of house riesling, and very nice it was too. So this evening, simpler food, but still very good - a fish and seafood soup from the chiller cabinet at SuperU, and Domaine Loew Sylvaner Vérité 2017.

Nice and rounded apple and pear fruit, with just a touch of residual sugar, and almonds on the finish. A really well made expression of the grape.


Lined up for tomorrow is this final bottle from our EP case

To go with a sausage casserole made with about 15” of Cranston’s best, the acme of Cumberland sausage.

Also on the wine list, following in the footsteps of @peterm is a Cape Atlantic Sauvignon Blanc from SA.


Fish supper tonight, smoked Haddock on spinach and a glass of Muscadet… perfect.