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Bank Holiday Drinking!


Here it is the last bank holiday before Christmas :cry: Not that an excuse is needed for a nice wine but it does help! I’m off wild swimming with friends in Norfolk and will be taking a bottle or two of our new English White; after trying it in the office yesterday I think it’ll be just the light, refreshing thing we’ll need! Obviously won’t drink and swim though…

What’s everyone else opening up this weekend?


Champagne of course - Jean de Foigny (made by a co-op), from the WS. Light, stylish and very good value. Rather similar to the Ridgeview English sparkling bottled for the WS.


I’ve been recovering from a dicky tummy this week but the parents are up from down south and it’s customary for me to take them to a local booze-focused place (my dad makes wine/beer and my mum is a keen camra and craft beer fan).

Sooooo i’m off to take them to Leventhorpe Vineyard on the outskirts of Leeds to pick up some interesting bottles and then Northern Brewing company - A peer and collaborator of Northern Monk Brewing to get some eccentric brews!

Exciting! :slight_smile:


Update: i visited leventhorpe and was shown around the vineyard by a poor harrassed wife of the owner. We tried 4 wines: seyval, madeleine, a blend of the 2 and a pinot noir. The first 3 were borderline undrinkable…pure tart acid which we only continued to taste as we knew it was ‘wine’. The pinot was a lovely red and would be a fabulous picnic summer’s day accompaniment. I bought a bottle of the red and frankly gambled on a rose fizz, which was made and bottled by chapel down vineyard in the traditional method. I opened thd fizz today and by golly the gamble came off! Absolutely fantastic wine with subtle fruit, biscuity bready loveliness and a spectacular rose gold colour.

How’s everybody else done?


We opened this at midday but the weather was a bit too hot (yes! It was too hot and it still is…) so we ended up having it over dinner. I think that has worked out nicely :stuck_out_tongue:


@Nowt_in_my_glass Wow, sounds like you made an excellent new discovery - I haven’t tried Leventhorpe wines but maybe I’ll look out for the sparkler. Was it very expensive?

@clint_oxford Wow, a bold wine to open at lunch, haha! What did you end up eating with it over dinner?

I’ve had a very uninspiring and predictable steak-and-malbec combo on Saturday, a more interesting match of Provence rosé with light and herby roast pork yesterday which was a pleasant surprise, and tonight we’re taking some Chablis to my mother-in-law’s for dinner, as it’s her favourite and we owe her a favour after she looked after our dogs for us so we could go out on Saturday night! I’m sure she won’t mind sharing her reward with us…! :grin:


@laura £20 and i’d say that was well worth it…dry, interesting complexity and a little fruit.

Another event opportunity for the ws…vineyard visit somewhere in england + tasting and talk :slight_smile:


Oh yes, we’ve done a couple of vineyard tastings before (I think at Ridgeview and maybe Chapel Down?) and they are brilliant - I’ll tell the Tastings team there’s an appetite for more of these! Especially as we’ve added a few more English producers to our list now, and at various areas around the country…

£20 is fantastic value for an English sparkler! Will definitely grab a bottle when I get the chance. :grinning:


My mouth is watering looking at some of these! I had the pleasure of some of my Argentine in-laws being ‘en casa’ over the weekend, so I decided to serve a couple of Mendoza goodies:

Mendel Semillon 2016

For the money, this is one of my favourite whites on our List, and the '16 has a really classy steely flavour. I was fascinated to hear that the familia associate Argentine semillon (pron semi-jjohhhn!) with rotgut stuff from misspent youths, so it was rather good fun serving this blind and hearing them enquire as to whether it was a Chablis before revealing its identity :smiling_imp:

Teho Malbec 2013

I’ve loved this wine since we first started offering it and think it’s a stunning advert for special-occasion Malbec - huge and concentrated but fresh and complex too. Needed a few hours’ decanting to get going but a big hit with all.



@laura the wine was quite tight during lunchtime (I should have seen that coming…), so we took nearly all of our cured meat out of the fridge at dinner! It turned out to be really soft and charming. Wish I had more of them lying around