Bank Holiday Drinking 8th May - 10th May 2020

Adrianna White Stones 2016

Interesting high altitude Chardonnay. Lovely fresh light lemon yellow in colour, looking good in the glass. Apples and pear on the nose and a very distinctive minerality exemplified on the palate. Typical burgundy style but definately wants to be in a class of its own and stand out from the crowd. The altitude speaks for itself. Interesting gunpowder notes in the empty glass. Would have prefered more depth and character especially at this price.

Charles Heidseick BdM 2004

Wow on every level. Intense amber in colour, rich, mature, oozing with glass on the nose. Caramel, honey, chalky citrus flavours, lots of minerality. Mature yet fresh. Absolutely scrumptious and worth every penny (and it’s lots of them :))


@HBlackburn - I bought 24 of (La) Tour St Bonnet 2010 EP but I have only 2 (+1 'missing) left.

2010 was their best vintage up to that time, I think. Looking back now I would have liked to get more, but space and the pressing demands of a new vintage every year were the limiting factors. Also one doesn’t know how a wine will turn out :slight_smile:


In the absence of any Lambrusco, I have treated myself to a mid-afternoon white port and tonic. Ramos Pinto Lagrima white port (so nicer than I’d usually use with tonic water) a slice of lemon and a spring of mint, with an equal size slug of tonic water. Delicious and exactly what this weather needs!


We just had another BBQ (sirloin steak, home made potato salad, home grown rocket, tomato, cucumber), like yesterday, with a nicely drinking crement de Loire, which I think came from Lidl. Will now continue with this one:


which I opened yesterday, first of a half case of 75cl bottles. I do not have much experience with drinking Sauternes, but based on this one I will be doing a lot more exploring, delicious!


That is one of my favourite Sauternes. It walks the line between sweet/syrup and only able to have a small glass with something very sweet or salty and actually able to enjoy a glass of it.

Sunshine in a glass!


Hmmm, I think this bottle will be empty by tomorrow evening, and Mrs Jos doesn’t drink sweet wines…


Thymiopoulos Rose de xinomavro 2017 to accompany this afternoon’s BBQ. Bought as part of a Thymiopoulos mixed case a while ago I thought the rose from 2017 might have been a little past it, but actually while the fruit is less to the fore it has evolved into something quite lovely. Difficult to pin down but alpine strawberries comes the closest - not sweet or confected, but delicate and fragrant.


Yeah, the Raymond Lafon is like that. Things like Rayne-Vigneau/Guiraud are more in the small glass only type wine. Their second wines tend to be far more smashable.

(Particular shout out the Madam de Rayne, which is great, and possibly the ultimate Eton Mess wine. Since we’re in one of those right now, we should probably drink a lot of it).


Michele Satta I Castagni Bolgheri Rosso Superiore 2012 for me tonight. A loan bottle I picked up on a visit to the winery a few years ago. Probably too young, but the first sip is amazing.

Pol Roger white label last night. Had to be Pol really.




This evening a declassified Saint Emillion from apparently a 1st Growth Grand Cru Classe. So that would make it Angelus, Austin’s, Cheval Blanc or Pavie by my reckoning.

I’ve not, and never will, try any of these wines directly however it’ll be interesting to try this. I suspect for about £20 it won’t quite be as good as the top chateaus are meant to be.


Anjou Blanc 2017 from Pierre-Bise tonight. This reminds me how good Anjou Blanc can be (I admit I often forget it when looking for Loire Chenin). Rich ripe fruit, bracing acidity and a finish that goes on though always stays fresh through to the end. Another wine from the purchase resulting from the Jurancon thread (as I was forced to make up a dozen, though forced really should be in inverted commas😀).


One of the nice things about a bank holiday is the middle day when the jobs have (mainly been done) and you can contemplate your palate. I’m using this to help me decide on another Aussie oldie for a T-bone that came out the “old and in the way” fridge the Butcher uses to tempt his customers.

Nowt quite like a bit of left over focaccia to assist from the side.


Another day another Thalabert.

Past it according to my Reserves, but it’s not even meaty yet! Rather floral actually, with a hint of blueberry pancake. Sipping a little listening to the birds in the garden before cracking on with the burgers.


It’s my lovely girl’s 17th this weekend, and although it’s tomorrow, we decided today was the better day for a birthday picnic. So I cooked some of her favourite things, and we cracked open a bottle of Aussie fizz to start with:

The winery uses some fruit from Adelaide Hills and Tasmania, as well as fruit from their main Pyrenees vineyard, and it is a blend of the three Champagne grapes with Pinot Noir dominating. A very accessible and delicious fizz, this has orchard, and hedgerow fruit as well as fresh red berries on both nose and palate, with lovely bubbles, nice creamy mouthfeel and a tingling acidity on the finish. It didn’t last too long! :yum:

This was followed by the 2018 Society Exhibition Fleurie:

The girl absolutely loved this one! Hard not to, really - with its ripe but quite tangy fruit (cherry, red plum, blackberry), its wonderful violet aroma and and its interplay between sweet, ripe fruit and zesty, tangy finish. Was even better lightly chilled… Excellent stuff! :heart_eyes: :clap:

Happy weekend, all! :wine_glass:


I stopped my gardening efforts after a vicious and totally unprovoked attack from a hostile rosebush and came in to defrost some king prawns in cold water. This isn’t a process I usually give much thought to, but it caught my eye that about half the prawns sank and half floated. Some minutes later all have sunk except one which is resolutely floating. Is this any cause for alarm I wonder?
Obviously I didn’t just waste time while watching prawns defrost but instead opened a bottle of the Society Corsican Rosé, one of the last I have from 2018, if not the last. It’s a beautiful pale pink colour, with, to me, a surprisingly full flavour. I am, for the moment, unconcerned about floating prawns, or indeed anything to do with cooking. I guess at some point hunger will kick in, but not just yet!


Thought I’d try this Malbec, this evening, while I await delivery of Exhibition Mendoza Malbec later in the week.

Can’t go wrong with fillet steak!


Hi Inbar. Is that right, an Australian fizz using grapes from Aidelaide, Tasmania, and the Pyrenees? Somehow seems very strange!


Ice floats, therefore depending on the quantity of ice crystals in the prawn will determine how long it floats.
My husband just called me ‘boring science nerd’. Guilty.


Initially maybe, but there’s no ice now; just one prawn still floating after perhaps 20 minutes.