Bank Holiday Drinking 8th May - 10th May 2020

We opened that viola assyrtiko today as well. I’ve not tried a santorini example yet but I really like this one a lot.


Mystery bottle #15 back to @JamesE
Opened this earlier, when the sun was still shining.

But enjoyed all the way through supper. Really nice rose - colour and fruit from the grenache, gorgeous acidity from the vermentino.


Tonight we opened a new wine. - an Argentine Merlot with 10% Aspirant Bouchet from Sergio Yanardi. Produced in Junín, Mendoza at just 672m above sea level this is a powerful example although it is apparently only 13.5%. It spent 6 months in French Oak after 3 days cold maceration and the subsequent fermentation. 2000 bottles were made.

My notes were: Opaque centre, purple rim. Clear legs on side of glass. Intense nose. Plum, damson, black fruits. Chocolate and black cherry. Dense nose with lots going on. Rich palate. Sweet fruit. Firm tannins. Medium acidity. Black plum, black cherry. Tar. Rounded but with sense of power despite the label indicating 13.5%. Great steak wine but not for keeping.


My first Mexican rosado and a great success! Nice complexity and not at all what I was expecting. Sweet red fruit to begin but tempered with a tart plum note, then a floral character like rose jam still with refreshing acidity and maybe something herbal. Really interesting and disappeared fast.


Vouvray Demi-Sec Sylvain Gaudron 2015

Had this with some crispy chilli cauliflower, from the Kwoklyn Wan veggie Chinese takeaway book - reducing the amount of honey by a half. Demi sec slightly honeyed chenin was a good match. So much sweeter chinese food demands a bit of residual sugar.

The wine was lovely, still young and fairly fresh, with a nice balance to it - looking forward to trying the 2016 Sec also in my wine rack.


Gosh, a new one to me. Seems its a remnant now mostly grown in Argentina and used to darken wines


What did you eat with it? There’s a nice touch of salinity that seems to make it a very good match for fish. Good value too - with a mixed case discount I paid £11.69 from Cambridge Wine Merchants. I’m relatively new to the grape, but will seek out other examples.


We bought the 2015 EP as a half case. We drank the first too early over Christmas 2018 and drank bottle 2 a couple of weeks ago. It was sublime and just as you describe.


Homemade spanakopita and fava with some roast potatoes - outside in the sun… life could be worse…


This is described as the same but confusingly has a different label. FWIW, I’ve tried both and couldn’t tell the difference !

Food-wise, the first time I tried it was with some marinated chicken and a Turkish white bean salad ( lots of tahini and lemon ) which completely overwhelmed the wine. The second bottle was paired with sea bream and a Greek salad which was a lovely match. So yes, fish or shellfish for me too.

Its salty flavour worked well with the feta cheese in the salad too.


Pizza feast last night. Chicken and chorizo, squid, chilli and cream cheese and a caprese. A small focaccia with the left over dough.
A Mandrarosso Frappato to accompany.


I thought I’d try this before the Austrian EP offer closes on Tuesday…

…a Heiligenstein Riesling 2015 from Schloss Gobelsburg ( £29 ). Yellow gold colour with some dissolved CO2. Powerful aromatic nose of ripe peach, citrus and earthy spice on opening, those aromas evolved into something deeper and more complex with air. It developed similarly on tasting too, initial flavours were similar to those on the nose but with air it became decidedly exotic with notes of lychee and passion fruit too. Ripe acidity cut through the off dry richness to balance. It also seemed to lend the wine a flinty mineral note too. A long finish iced the cake.

I thought it stood comparison with the very best Riesling from Germany or Alsace and as such wasn’t bad VFM either. With regard to the offer, I’ll give the GV a miss but I will take a punt on this. Fingers crossed the 2019 is as good, if not better.

Oh, it was a bit too powerful for my dinner of crumbed hake and griddled asparagus. A sub £10 savvy might have been better !

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.


A quality Meursault at a good price, is what I think that this is.
3 bottles ordered, and 12 into reserves.
There were only 4 c/11b left yesterday.
I was impressed and grateful to the two ladies who took the time to review.
You can never put a price on views that were given freely, TBH when a journalist (well most of them post), they got their bottle for free, so how likely are they going to be critical. An adverse report and their supply is history.
Call me a cynic, for all I care you can call me Eric :open_mouth:!! but unless you are Jancis or J L-L, the tasting list must be a precarious one to remain upon.
Give me a members view every time, the vast majority are opinion without motive!! :wink: :grinning:


Yes, but also sometimes with a very different palate; or even worse, without a palate at all!


Opened one of the remaining bottles of the Table Beer to match the weather before it cools down tomorrow. Bought it in June 2018, fresh as a daisy even with the extended bottle age. Easy on the liver, too.


Yes, I believe so although why they would want to darken something grown in one of the hottest parts of Mendoza is beyond me. The wine was certainly ‘inky’.

Quite surpro that either of these two is remotely ready to drink!

This has been our wine line up for the extended weekend. We had Teriyaki salmon with stir fry veg and rice, sweet, salty and a bit of chilli, so the Pinot was a bit of a risk but it actually complemented really well, nice acidity that was beautifully cleansing. I think the Exhibition Pinot was supposed to be for the tasting that was cancelled, oops. It’s a typical new world Pinot but has some refinement so the fruit is fresh but not cloying. Evident oak obviously in a California wine, but I thought deftly handled.

I couldn’t join the Bordeaux tasting as I didn’t have any white Bordeaux and the menu on Thurs demanded white, but we bought this monster ribeye from the butcher today so we have a good excuse now! I bought this medoc en primeur and haven’t tried it for a while so looking forward to it. Excellent vfm.


Albariño Tras la Viña 2017, Zárate Classy and substantial albariño with the minerality and concentration that one would expect from a single vineyard wine. Definitely not your easy peachy albariño glugger. Will unquestionably age well.

Going to follow this soon with another Eulogio Pomares wine, this time one of his private projects, a single vineyard Caino Tinto. Hopefully will be a good red for a warm day in garden and a heterogeneous range of foods :roll_eyes:

Languedoc Blanc 2016, Domaine St Sylvestre Rhône blend (Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier) from this excellent estate. Quite rich and creamy in the Rhone mode, oak already preet much integrated. Maybe not an.ifeal wine for fish,bit classy and interesting, and will again surely develop further.


You wines sound great. However what stole my heart here is that piece of beef! Wow!

I’ve not had that Bordeaux either, I hope it’s an excellent accompaniment!