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Bank Holiday Drinking 8th May - 10th May 2020

Please post away!! :+1: :wink: :grinning:

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Head is slightly muzzy from last nights reintroduction to alcohol after a month off. Maybe later!

Surely Monday is the weekday thread? Or do you have an extra day off up there?!!


On this fine Friday, I am trying to do some research on a wine that I have found on the website.

I cannot find much on cellartracker.com , but there are a couple of references to it on Decanter, but only for subscribers.
I would hope that as I share ratings from paid for sites that I subscribe to, then one Community member might wish to reciprocate!??! :pray:
What, as much as anything that intrigues me about this wine is that 2 lady members felt obliged to write very positive reviews on this wine, searching the Advocate - this vineyard from 2 Burgundy producers in the last 3 years received scores from 94 to 96/100. But nothing from Domaine Cordier. Also on Vinous, this vineyard from more recent vintages (2014 - 2016) has scored in the 92 -94 region. Remember, 2017 White Burgundy’s were absolutely top notch, so without a 2017 note, one is forced to infer here. This just may be a gem that has been hiding under our collective noses, and these ladies have truffled it out for us, and for a 95(ish) points wine for £26 per bottle, is quite the bargain!!
Note that only around 5 cases remain in stock! :open_mouth:
Please help? :wink: :grinning:


A glass or two of champers to kick start the weekend.

Posh bottle for the standard Piper NV.


Our street have been encouraged to sit in the front with a drink between 4-6pm.

I have a bottle of Hushheath Estate 1503 English sparkling wine in the fridge we sill share with our young neighbours (they have been very good to us).

I though English wine rather than Champagne suited the circumstances - but I have a bottle of Champagne in the fridge as back up in case more fizz is needed.


I thought that Monday was a Bank Holiday, ergo Bank Holiday "Weekend"
I accept my rebuke with no little embarrassment!! :blush: :blush:


Ah no - the bank holiday is today!

It was moved for VE day from Monday just gone.

Not that it feels much different to any other day recently :smiley:


Anyway, I’m sipping a cherry wine and lemonade in the garden while I can still catch the sun.

It’s pizza and midsomer murder night (we know how to live) and I have decided to open the last bottle of this, because why not:

The previous bottle was fabulous. It took a long time to come round.

edit: just opened for later and had a small sip. It’s absolutely gorgeous. So soft, perfect balance and delightfully floral, and a little creamy with cherry pips on the finish. Yum yum yum.


BBQ + 2013 Musar (which reminds me very much of the 2001 - totally different to the 2012)


This tonight to go with sausages and sweet potato

Soft juicy fruit, not a lot of tannin and just enough acidity to avoid the cloying character that I get with some Grenache. The finish is warming as it’s 14.5% abv, though it doesn’t unbalance the wine on the palate.


Currently drinking this. Got this on last visit to Stevenage - best bin end evr :pleading_face::cry:

Bananas, peaches and goes on and on…


Can you provide a bit more info?. What is different about the 2013? I’d love to hear more.

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Opened this tonight.

I think this is just starting to perform at its peak, Silky smooth with lively fruit and an attractive hint of vanilla. All too easy… More of this @horsleym, please.


Certainly. The 2013 this evening feels a lot older, just like the last couple of bottles of the ‘01 I’ve drunk over the last 12 months. It was very viscous and marvellous typical Musar development from glass to glass. Very floral compared with the ‘12.

The 2012 I tried a month or so ago seemed a lot younger and very thick and punchy (it made me remember why Musar was such great VFM). Personally I preferred it tbh. Just shows how each vintage, despite the common Musar hallmarks, are completely different from each other.


Mystery wine #14 I quite confidently classed as a sherry, which I was delighted to sample as I opened the bottle just when preparing supper. Absolutely delicious, bone dry Fino (though I called it as manzanilla), nutty, savoury with a tang I decided was salty (hence the manzanilla).

Thanks @JamesE


I like this Bank Holiday, even in lockdown. Feels like Saturday today, but there are still two days before I have to work :slight_smile: Having said that, the usual Friday night fish cookery - scallops and prawn with braised chicory, grilled courgettes and a parsley and garlic purée.

We drank Lyrarakis Vóila Assyrtiko 2018. Initially, lots of lemon zest on the nose, and a good thwack of acidity carries that through the palate. Mid-length, and a good match for the seafood. Not as complex as the Hatzidakis Familia that TWS sold last year, but a good food wine nevertheless, and I’m certainly liking this as a grape. Happy Long Weekend!


FWIW I have never failed to enjoy Cordier wines…though I haven’t had this one. His Macon, Pouilly Loche and St Veran were stocked by Majestic for a number of years before the Naked era, and hopefully will be again. Quite opulent in style, think restrained New World or even something from a bit further up the road in Burgundy like Meursault.


I did too! Wondered why it wasn’t last Monday…

Finished off a bottle of this tonight, with turmeric chicken on spinach satay with brown rice and corn…cooked by son and very good.

As good as ever. 2017 in stock now…