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Bandol/Provence wines

Theres an interesting wikipedia article on the wines of Provence with a sections on Bandol and Cassis

Thanks for sharing this, @BENEDICTNASH!

I tried Bandol Domaine Tempier 2001 last week and it was AMAZING.

I wonder if there are any other Bandol fans around…


Well me and @szaki1974 makes two more at least…


Glad to hear that. I’m still guarding my 2001 Tempier and waiting for a suitable moment. Encouraged that it’s still going well.


Add me makes 3!
Mainly had Tempier, Bunan and La Bastide Blanche with a few others when on holiday in Provence but those names escape me.
2011 & 2015 Tempier slumbering away. Might be awhile before they get cracked open.


Really wish I could find more Bandol up here in the UK (and more room in my central London flat I guess…) but in the meantime I have this one in my basket. https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/productdetail.aspx?section=pd&pd=FC35641

Not far there’s the Luberon with cracking prices and quality.


We’re here!

An independent wine shop near us offers Domaine de la Ribotte red and rose. The latter is a favourite with our local wine group at our annual end of season knees up. We plan to be there this summer. We were last there in the 80s and had some stupendous tastings including Tempier and a smaller less pricey grower whose name I sadly forget. Not forgotten however is the Eau de Vie they made and sold us a bottle of in a plain glass, unlabelled bottle :wink:. Stonking. I think it was mainly for their own consumption but we must have made a good impression on them as a young English couple who liked and bought their wine and who could speak to them in French!


Ah! I missed this one on the list! - it’s going in the basket pronto. I do have their 2018 rose, though - which I’m planning to open as soon as it feels a bit Springy.
I also have a couple bottles of Domaine Terrebrun (2011 and 2014) slumbering in the wine fridge. Like Bunan too.


I’ve always thought the society could do more with Provence Red & White, Bandol etc. Prices and quality are good.

A few years ago they had a great summer for Provence Rose choices. Been a bit disappointing since.

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Another Bandol fan here. Though for the reds, I think it may be wise to keep Bandol wines (mostly based on mourvedre) apart from Provence reds (often syrah/cabernet, but there are others).

Don’t forget the whites and the rosés too. Though in contrast to what I said above, these ones are quite similar to each other.

Fans of mourvedre - don’t forget there are some great ones from Languedoc & Roussillon too, often more affordable.


Could never forget the strawberries and cream Côte de Provence rosés… dreaming of those warm summer days having spent a week in the wettest holiday ever.
Luberon reds are very enjoyable too.


I had a wonderful week in the Côte d’Azur. Eating our evening meals outside with a view of the blue sea,

Certainly dont forget the whites… Clos Sainte Madeleine from Cassis is wonderful

Also a wonderful part of France - loved my journeys from Marseille to Hyeres, heading along the coast road. My work colleague would always volunteer to drive leaving me to admire the view