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BADGES how many and what are are they?


I have just received a new badge . How many badges are there? Is their list of what they are?


Yup. If you click on Badges under the three-line drop-down here:


…you’ll get a list of the badges with a short description for each. A green tick in the corner means you’ve already got it. For example:

If you click on one you’ll get further details, like this:



And when will more be added to the 308 club?


That’s the 308 million dollar question… :cowboy_hat_face:


Friday 30th August… :male_detective:


I was a 308 member and it used to show on my postings. A while ago it disappeared and I’ve just discovered that I have to tick a box to make it appear. If this works it should show on this post. If not …,
But I wonder if there are a lot of 308 members, well a maximum of 308 I suppose, who have had the same thing mysteriously happen?

Edit: well, it doesn’t appear. Strange! Ah, second attempt and now it does!


Sorry to throw you under the bus Andy but I want my flag badge.


This important topic has been debated to considerable depth already, so you may like to review the insights of some of the finest thinkers known to humanity -
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It has 102 members, last new ones added June last year:



It could just be renamed ‘102 Club’. Obviously we then need a different cover story… :wink:


The Curse of the 308 Club. Within a year of its establishment, 206 prominent members vanish without trace. Attempts to discover who they were and why they vanished hit a brick wall - all records seem to be non-existent or have been destroyed. The internet is awash with rumours…


Apparently there’s a secret algorithm that allocates membership. Just sayin’…



P.S. Would swap my membership for any Burlotto Barolo…


That doesnt add up or perhaps its because they cant figure it out.


I see there’s a badge for completing the new user tutorial. I haven’t seen the new user tutorial, but hopefully it gives a hint as to the location of the new user tutorial.


And theres a badge for completing the advanced guide too.