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Bad News in South Africa


I saw this which was part of a statement from our local MEP after a meeting in Brussels…

“On Tuesday evening I attended a small presentation in the Parliament about the situation in South Africa. The most notable speaker present was Pieter Mulder, an MP whose father was also an MP when I lived in the country. He confirmed that there are indeed at least two murders a week on South African farms, which the authorities are effectively turning a blind eye to.”

It is getting worse there and a murder at a winery was reported a couple of weeks back, not looking good for the future in SA.


Whilst there was no response to the original comment enough viewed to make it valid to follow up with this from Drinks Business

what is happening in SA is a copy to that inflicted on white farmers in Zimbabwe, the authorities turning the other cheek when thugs raid farms, deemed to have been “stolen land” they raid and kill with impunity.
Till now the weekly murders have been confined to food crop producers but it is spreading and wine producers are beginning to come into the firing line.


I saw that - what a nasty experience!

I think many will have refrained from commenting because we don’t know much about it personally. It sounds awful, but then there could be a lot more to this story that is hard to understand from this distance.

I will reach out to some friends in South Africa to see if they have any comments to share, but the country seems to be going through a major political and cultural upheaval at the moment and we can only hope things will get better.

thanks for sharing!


I seem to remember there was an armed robbery at the Delaire Graff estate last year. I don’t think anyone was hurt, and it’s a bit different as I think the robbers were targeting the on-site jewellery store…