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Back garden wedding wines

Dear hive mind,

I’m looking to purchase a number of quaffable (from opening) wines for a weekend garden/wedding party. I’m thinking of 2 reds, 2 whites and 1 rose.

Would you have any recommendations for wines currently in stock which might be crowd pleasers rather than for wine snobs like us? I’m thinking good quality, easy to drink wines for around £10 per bottle similar to a camp viejo. That will be a fall back if needed!

Edited to say that I’ll be buying multiple bottles of each, not just 5 to cover the night!

P.S. I know nothing about rose!

For that price range I’m sure a lot of the wines in the House Wine thread would work. Quaffable, affordable wines cover all of those mentioned.

Is there a particular style or theme you are going for?

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You might have some luck in the “house wine” thread. Personally, I think the domaine Jaume cote du Rhône is cracking juicy stuff, and comes in a big 5 litre box to enhance its value and party serving ease


Thanks both, no particular style. I’ve only tried 2 of the house wines and wasn’t particularly engaged, but that could be the aforementioned snob in me?!

Saint-Mont Vignes Retrouvees, Heidi Schrock Blaufrankisch are my choices for a small scale lunch next week.

I also suggested a number of wines for a young couple (and their friends) to taste for their wedding. They chose the Arjolle Sauvignon Viognier and the Salve de Moncayo Garnacha.

Hope you have a great time!


If you are looking for a wine like this then I’d highly recommend

For our wedding we did wines from Spain so we had cava as the sparkling. This is a great cava and a fantastic price


How about these…

Thoroughly enjoyed this Gamay which you can chill slightly so that it stays fresher in the sun (hopefully!). It’s easy drinking, but packs loads of flavour.

A delicious Rose - copes well with food, looks fantastic and is delicious, but TBH, any of the highly rated roses under or around a tenner would be a good choice.

A little different, but refreshing and would appeal to most white wine drinkers. Enjoy your choices!


For a similar event a few years ago (a significant wedding anniversary) we chose (earlier vintages of) these two and they were both well received


Personally I’d look to vinho verde for a white - refreshing, low in alcohol, light spritz, very drinkable. The Society label is very good but if you want something more upmarket both these are good:

This Albarino is also excellent but slightly more expensive.



While they’re obviously more difficult to pour. Magnums are a lot of fun in this situation

Community favourite Guigal CdR is available at £24 a mag

There’s a Chianti Ruffina (that I’ve not tried, but it’s my favourite non-classico subzone and generally great value!) at £17 a magnum!

Whites is a bit more difficult, I magnum flutes are among the coolest things on the planet in my (admittedly very sad) book!


Does white include fizz?

Do you need to cater for people who don’t like dry whites?

We like the Society’s Verdicchio.
Would also have recommended Brun’s Terre Dorée, but it’s not available.

Seconded! I was about to mention that one.

I was thinking of Alsace. There are some lovely drinkable whites in the Society’s Alsace range for around the £10 mark or just under. They have the benefit of a decent bouquet and some balancing acidity even when they aren’t completely dry.


Some general advice. The more choice you give the fussier and less satisfied some of your guests will be. Especially if one or more runs out! I’d suggest offering one red and one white - an easy decision for everyone.
I’d avoid anything in a German or Alsace bottle as some folk will assume (wrongly) that the wine is sweet and they don’t like it.
Something light fresh and fruity suits most palates, especially without food.
I’d suggest Ventoux Les Traverses £8.75 and WSoc Greek White £8.50. I hope it goes well whatever you choose.


We’ve just catered our own wedding and with some assistance from Members here our choices were:

Also, special mention to

The wines were really well received, the guests loved that they were a) so nice and b) from a Country they wouldn’t normally think of buying wine from.