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Bacchus Uncovered (metaphorically speaking)


We watched a fantastic programme on BBC4 yesyerday, which I highly recommend! For those who haven’t watched it, it’s an exploration of the god Bacchus, and the centrality of wine to development of culture. Fascinating stuff! :wine_glass::+1:


Thanks for the heads up! Downloading it now as I type … now to find a spare moment to watch it…!


Hope you enjoy! :grinning:
I was part fascinated part bemused by the young Greek guy dressed in 65kg worth of bells (the kind cows wear in the Alps), and wearing a weird mask which made it look like a squid attached itself to his face… It was worth it just for this spectacle! :fearful:


I’ve seen that film! John Hurt, right?


Ha Ha! But no, far worse! :grinning: