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Awful with Fish

On the back label of a Grenache-Syrah Blend

Great with pretty much everything… except fish.
It’s awful with fish.

Made me laugh anyway…


Haha… At least they are honest.

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I want to try some with fish now!

A much better approach than the “drink with red meat or cheese” blurb you see so often.

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Saying that, I have an aunt who loves a Cali Cab with raw oysters :nauseated_face::shell::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


I’ve just thrown up in my mouth :face_vomiting::see_no_evil:


I did the same when she posted a photo on Facebook. I’d rather watch Embarrassing Bodies on C4.


I can think of several other things it would be awful with - as a student I learned that a good rule of thumb was that dry red wine didn’t work with creamy desserts.

My other nugget of student wine knowledge was not to touch Concorde British sparkling wine with a bargepole, even if it’s the only wine left at a party.

If you only have two wine rules, those two will stand you in pretty good stead :slight_smile:


I recall being very pleasantly surprised a couple of years ago with the combination of Ch Angludet 2012 with scallops. It was a forward fruity vintage with little tannin which probably helped.

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