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Away in Chamonix


As some may have noticed from Previous posts I head over to Chamonix for three months in the winter season and I have now arrived and parked up (staying in my motorhome as usual)

Hooray! And looks like lots of fresh new snow to play in!

I’ve already made my first wine purchases in the supermarket in Passy where I picked up a Guigal Gigondas for €17 and the first of my exploration of Savoie for €13:

I wanted to try a local Mondeause first and one called ‘Avalanche’ from Trosset Fabien seemed rather apposite!

Due to time and bandwidth constraints you probably won’t see quite so much of me on here for the next three months…

Weekend drinking 18-20 Jan 19

Have fun, stay safe, drink well. If you find some free WiFi during a whiteout, do drop by. Otherwise, see you in the spring!


Enjoy, @MikeFranklin! :grinning::grinning::+1: what a lovely way to pass a few months… Let us know what you think of the Mondeuse if you can.
Maybe time to give some white Savoie a go…? :wink:


Ooo you’re pushing me there! :smiley: You never know. One problem with wine in the van over here is that it’s inevitably served too cold! So maybe light wines like this or whites might be more appropriate! This Mondeuse is meant to be served at 16C


Possible I may in that part of the world for a week sometime, I will let you know!


Excellent, would be good to meet up. I’ll be away late feb on a tour in the Dolomites but should be around Cham the rest of the time.


Not yet 100% sure where, when or even if…but I will message you if I am in the area.


Have fun, what trailer/camper van have you got?? We met some Danes on a site near Reims in the summer who have a fantastic all weather Caravan which could withstand subzero temperatures, just wondering how insulated you are??
Have a great time/play in the snow, like @MarkC will shout if in the area, currently looking at Avoriaz though but who knows :smiley:!


It’s pretty well insulated and has good heater that uses lpg autogas which is quite cheap. Stayed pretty comfy last year below -20 outside. This is it:

Would be fun to meet if you’re in the area :smiley:


Looks great and an awning for the sun :sun_with_face: ! Happy skiing to you :snowflake:


Hah, I pretty much only use it in the winter so I actually used the awning for the first time in 3 1/2 years last summer!


Lucky you. This might be of interest to you and/or TWS:


Interesting, some of my friends have been climbing over there but myself I’ve pretty much retired from climbing now and ‘just’ do the ski touring and mountaineering. However I shall take note if I’m over that way.


You lucky man. Chamonix and the Dolomites. Double heaven.
25 years of skiing in the Alta Badia, based in Corvara for 2 or 3 weeks a year led to knackered knees, the well known skiers curse. I now look at the webcams for solace.
Over Christmas we had our last 2 bottles of Mason di Mason 2007 from Manincor.
A sublime pinot nero from the Alto Adige. Bought at the vineyard on a skiing trip.
The first bottle was absolute nectar, the second drunk about 4 days later was a little disappointing, not quite as smooth. It was towards the end of the drinking “window” recommended by Manincor (2012-2020).
The pinot nero supplied by TWS from Hofstatter in Tramin is almost as good.
(They do a good lunch at Hoffstatter).
Drank a 2012 Hoffstatter Lagrien last weekend. Smooth and powerful, but needed filtering. 3 bottles left.


Dolomites looking a little less likely; they’ve had no snow but still 4 weeks away. My knees are not brilliant, figure in a few more years might have to consider a mojo. Have a friend who tours and skis harder than me using them and he has no cruciate ligament in one knee. So they do work.


Hello Mike,
Just seen a long range weather forecast showing a dump onto the Dolomites for late next week, so there should be snow and so slow feed of snowmelt to the Alto Adige vineyards.

Good luck