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Avocado with prawns... the answer to everything


Quite funny that avocado with prawns seems to come up in a lot of seemingly odd wine and food pairings. A reverse search shows that from the current line up over a thousand go with this icon of a meal. Artificial Intelligence gone berserk? Funny nevertheless…



Haha, I had never realised that. Recommendations for this dish appear to include whisky and Port too… :see_no_evil: Thanks for the tip-off, I’ll report that! :joy:


That’s Fiona Beckett out of a job :laughing:


I wondered what to have with this…

…and was surprised to find beef stroganoff recommended, and funnily enough, avocado and prawns. ( I went for prawns, no avocado ).

Maybe it does goes with the dish but it’s the only white in the selection. Every other recommendation was a seriously full bodied red. Which made me smile.


Has anyone ever actually eaten avocado & prawns…?

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Not an avocado fan so no…

I gave up looking at the wine match recommendations having seen it recommended with three pretty hearty reds…

Seriously though, the wine matcher changed a year or so ago and not for the better in my view.


I’m obsessed with avocado but more specifically homemade guacamole! It’s ALWAYS in the fridge and I literally have it with almost every meal … which mostly includes salad . I made a salad over the weekend with charred corn, avocado and the dressing was roasted garlic with charred and blended red chilli peppers ! It was wonderful :wink:.


Like you; not an avocado fan! When I was in Bolivia they used it like butter there and I was like just… NO!


Diverging a bit here, but I once made an excellent vegan chocolate torte which used avocado instead of butter/cream; it was truly amazing and you would never have known.


Love avocado. Though of course it’s next to impossible to get a really good one here… sooo miss the ones I used to buy in Colombia…

Would be interested in what your recipe is, Leah… I’ve recently stopped using garlic, only onion. Obviously lime juice and chilli (for me the only ones that work over here are the fresh green ones, from Asian shops).

Of course guacamole is seriously un-wine friendly (like one of my other favourite things in the world, artichokes…)


do you do takeaway ?


I can give you the recipe …… it also includes popcorn !! Literally its great !!


Yes please!!

I get almost frenzied about avocado, just love the stuff. Give me a fresh avo and a spoon and I’m a happy boy. Agree it can be tough getting good ones though, there’s little more disappointing than an unripe, flavourless rock


yes please !

I detest a plate of “salad” that is just green leaves…has to be something more to it for me


I’ll stick it in the recipe thread later today then.