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Availability of Franciacorta in UK



Hello everyone.

I’ve only just realised that TWS now has a community presence. Fantastic!

Last month my wife and I were in Anacapri to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The hotel very kindly gave us a bottle of Ca’ del Bosco Cuvee Prestige.

Neither of us had had Franciacorta before and I must say we were both very taken with it. On return to the UK I find it is very difficult to find over here. I don’t know whether it is because it’s not well known, or because it’s usually quite a lot more expensive than eg Cava (it seems to be comparable price-wise to the English sparklers.)

Needless to say, there is no comparison between the bottle we had and any Prosecco I’ve ever drunk.

Anyway, if TWS has any plans to try Franciacorta I’d definitely be in!


Any views on Franciacorta?
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Hello! How fascinating - your first post and it’s taught me about a wine I’d never heard of! :grinning: I’m glad you introduced it to us, too - I didn’t know Italy made sparkling wine using the Champagne grapes and a quick Google has revealed that’s exactly what’s used in Franciacorta!

Is it Champagne-like in taste/style as well, with that kind of biscuity character? Would you say it’s very good value in comparison to Champagne, or can’t you really compare the two?

With so many non-Champagne sparkling wines from all over the place (England, New Zealand, etc) now getting better recognition, maybe Franciacorta is one to watch…:champagne:


Very happy to hear that - welcome to what I hope will be a very busy and fruitful place for all members :slight_smile:

I am completely with you on this. Franciacorta is a fantastic sparkling wine, much closer to Champagne in style than it is to Prosecco, so we can easily enjoy both for different occasions.

I’m a big fan personally too, having visited the region in 2012, and Ca’ del Bosco are a very top producer, so you were well served by the hotel. Well done to them!

Finding it in the UK is easier today than it was a few years ago, but it is still a niche product, in part because it is not a very big region, so it does not make a lot of wine, and because it is so well loved in Italy that they drink the vast majority of it. Having said that, they are really growing and pushing for exports, so I do hope we will see more in the near future.

It is a premium product because they like to use the traditional method, and age their wines for an extended period, and so although it is a more established wine region than its UK counterparts, the pricing is similar.

I don’t believe that The Society has yet stocked Franciacorta, but you never know what might happen in future. I will pass on the comment.

Has anyone else here tried Franciacorta wines either in Italy or the UK?


Not something that The Society has stocked since the advent of the computer (I’ve just checked). Not that well-known in UK, deserves to be more so. It’s a favourite of mine. I was introduced to it in a wine bar in Bergamo while journeying with our Italian buyer (Cavalleri was the grower), and have oft encouraged him to buy one. It would need to be really good and different to float his boat, and we have done some occasional Italian sparklers outside of Prosecco & Lambrusco over the years (from Veneto & Alto Adige, if memory serves me correct.
Watch this space … (but not too closely :wink:)


Not yet, but has been on my list since I have watched this most interesting documentary. It is a Champagne producers documentary to explore other European traditional method sparkling wine. It visits Ca’ del Bosco, Jerry Blot (Loire), Gusborne Estate and Raventos i Blanc (in cava country)…

I also have a bottle of La Taille Aux Loups Triple Zéro waiting for my dry October to end…

The one place I saw Franciacorta offered so far was Honest Grapes.


Used to drink Ferrari Franciacorta when Oddbins did it about 18/20 years ago, remember it being very nice, was about £20 a bottle back then, so I guess £30 in today’s money. At the moment I think you’d need to go to a specialist merchant.


Well, my experience is limited to that single bottle but yes, much closer to Champagne than other sparkling wines I’ve had.

The one we had was probably comparable to a mid range NV - it had the characteristic brioche/biscuity flavours and a fine mousse.


Thanks - will watch the video and have a look at the merchant you suggest.


M&S had a fantastic Franciacorta. A really lovely wine from a good estate. It wasn’t that long ago that I tried it but things do get delisted if the market’s not there. Ahh, just checked and it’s no longer available. Ignore the review on there, it was a very good example I thought. http://www.marksandspencer.com/franciacorta-case-of-6/p/p60060976?&pdpredirect


Yes, friend of mine tried the M&S one and loved it.


Tesco stock one - they showed it at their press tasting a few days ago. New product. It’s OK

ViniItaliani, a chain of 3 wine bars/shops in London have a really good range

If the Wine Society stocked one you could be sure it would be good and very fairly priced!


Yes, indeed, I think the last time I bought some (the lovely Il Mosnel wines) it was from them.


Thanks very much - I’ll check them out.