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Autumnal pleasures


Oh wow! I had no idea there were so many varieties, but I love the sound of those names - Lady of the Lake in particular has a very romantic quality! :smiley:


The National Fruit Collection - which is held at Brogdale near Faversham in Kent - has over 2000 varieties of apple! Some of them are remarkably dissimilar to anything found in the shops, which tend towards being a bit same-y.


We are now more than half way into autumn. I don’t remember having quite so may chestnuts littering my garden before and the leaf pile is going to be pretty enormous me thinks. Here’s hoping the North wind blows hard this week coz it’ll blow the leaves away from my lawn.
There’s a couple of English walnut trees in the park outside our door, so I thought I’d gather some up and see if I could set some aside for coming weeks.
I wished I had a trained squirrel a la Willy Wonka, but he doesn’t have any for sale.
What a palaver.
I’ll share learning for those who wish to follow suit.
Wear gloves and your oldest, most lowliest clothes.
Use an apron.
Do the work outside.
Use a large black bucket.
Consider buying walnuts and remarking just what great value they are.


Your post has taken me from “what a great idea, I’m going to find a walnut tree” to “forget it, I’ll just buy some” in just a few short sentences!!


I think I’ll walk down to The Gog, get some wet walnuts from them and ask them to spoon some of their excellent Gorgonzola into a pot to go alongside.


There’s a beautiful walnut tree that is technically in my neighbours garden but almost on the fence-line so much of it stretches over our garden too.

Each year it grows masses of walnuts.

Each year it gets STRIPPED by the grey squirrels.

None of the walnuts ever manage to grow and ripen. It is so sad :frowning:




even better made with “walnut stuffed squirrel”


The squirrels will take care of that! :wink:


What an amazing autumn for colour it has been, this photo captures the last vestiges of the season, taken in low light just after dawn from my bedroom window, the early morning light just about highlighting the colours, the high iso needed for the image has softened the picture.



Wow! That’s beautiful… fantastic colours :+1: