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Autumnal pleasures


Our apple trees never seem to have an off year. Always a struggle to avoid wastage notwithstanding a never ending round of apple themed desserts, chutney and freezing for later. Not cider apples varieties though. Perhaps that makes a difference.


I have a neighbour that collects all his apples and what he can get from those around and takes them to a place where they crush them and make pure apple juice for a very small sum , he has bottles of the stuff and the whole family are all very regular :rofl:


Yesterday I took one of my Burgundy glasses for a walk to the far end of the garden. Amazingly just as I got level with my James Grieve’, this lovely fruit dropped and I managed to catch it in the glass !!! :flushed::nerd_face:

Would I lie to you ?




You put Newton to shame! :face_with_monocle::apple:


There are a lot of opportunities for Apple pressing - some National Trust sites do it. Not all charge as it is a ‘community event’ you must take your own containers though. Near to us is a cider mill that you can have your own cider made, but you need a large quantity of fruit - @JayKay ! The joys of living in cider country.


Empty glass. Hoping for a miracle?


I hope it was on a lead :joy:


This mornings endeavour, followed by chocolate and apple cake and apple purée for freezer. I am all appled out. Have given neighbours the key to the back gate and begged them to help themselves to apples while we are away in France.


Would you be able to share this recipe, @JayKay? I got a lovely one for chocolate and pears cake, but not for chocolate and apple! Sounds yum.


There’s a farm near us that you can take your fruit and they will juice and distill for you.
@Andy999, in France Mirabelles are very similar and are often in jam over there.


Got a hint today from a local Vineyard that harvest is large, early and good sugars.


Made this, all home grown and home made (except for the ginger)
Plum & Apple Crumble with Plum & Ginger Ice Cream

Was told that my plums were as good as this…

Have also made plum sorbet, plum & chilli jam and are about to attempt plum gin.


All this food and drink , I will have to start exercising more



Here it is Inbar. From an old recipe book of my late Mother in Law, called 100 Best Apple Recipes. Compulsory reading at this time of year to make use of the overproductive apple trees in our garden!


Thanks, @JayKay! This is going straight into my recipe folder! :+1::grin:


Astonishing sloe crop on the blackthorn bushes where I salmon fish. I filled a bag in 15 minutes. Some of the bushes were black with berries - I have fished there for twenty years and never seen anything like it. They are ripe about 2 weeks earlier this year too.

Same latitude as you Leah, just a bit further west…


Well I had just enough plums from my little tree to make some lovely jam this year, which is the first that it has fruited; so high hopes for next year!

On a less happy note storm ‘Ali’ has terminated half of my green beans. They were on the way out with the first frosts anyway. You may notice a guy rope there which I attached a week or so back when some other high winds made tolerably good attempt to uproot the whole lot. This time it has snapped the horizontal and diagonal bamboo poles and dumped the rest on the ground!

Can’t really complained though as I’ve had my biggest crop ever from them this year. They have totally loved the warm summer!


Yes, Storm Ali was a bit destructive in my corner of Scotland too…my beans just about stayed up but sweetcorn blown about despite being quite sheltered. Someone’s hut got wrecked and a greenhouse blown inside out too.

Where I fish we had a 70 foot ash tree blown across the river, which will need some serious chainsaw action in due course, but the main priority down there was getting the power restored and the road up to Loch Trool cleared of fallen trees.

Definitely autumn here now.


there was an outstanding harvest at this year’s Holyrood Apple Day