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I was going to suggest a variety similar to Comice, unfortunately there are dozens all very much alike such as Anjou, but it well may be simply a Comice, it’s quite rare to find unusual varieties in gardens unless the owner was a serious gardner.
I put up a link in the thread I can’t find to this firm in Kent that I used for fruit stock, the list is amazing mostly apples but the pear list is worth a read along with the plums and gages etc, they have been going some time and the list is still as long.


The owner was a serious gardener, sadly now departed so I can’t contact him about it. Definitely not Comice as I grow that one as well - that’s not at the picking stage yet and has a different ripening pattern, as well as being different in flavour.

Maybe I could take one up to Wisley to see if someone could cast a beady eyebold over it. If I lived nearer Kent, I would try the national collection at Brogdale.

Many thanks for the link - I’ve not used Keeper’s before as there are good resources more locally, but it may be worth calling them.


Netting your plums just shows how all gardens vary, mine were attacked by the wasps who ruined the early part of the crop yet there was a silver lining, the early plums were small and hard because of the lack of rain but the later ones, now, are not affected by the wasps and have good flavour and have plumped up, I do have a vine over the pergola that I let the blackbirds have the fruit from, they are rarely worth bothering with despite all the training and pruning so no loss.


I guess there are sometimes some advantages to the cooler climate up my way. All my veg produced bumper crops this year; though I did have to do a fair bit of watering which is rather unusual. My French climbing beans, which are usually a bit of a gamble up here, went completely bonkers; I don’t plant many but there was no way I could keep up!


Do you mean the pigeons or the plums…? I agree about both! :+1:


Well, both, but I was taking the plums as read! If dinner has started to deliver itself, who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

(We often get pheasants and the occasional partridge taking refuge in the garden during winter, and last year I was surprised to see an adult hare simply sitting outside the kitchen door. It didn’t even run away when I went out there! I’m missing a trick or two here…)


I must say, your garden sounds like the Garden of Eden.
Hare outside the kitchen door… My oh my! :heart_eyes:


And in the same pot too!


Indeed! But only between August and February… :wink:
Edit: I was thinking of hares… The season is not limited for pigeons, I believe…?
Getting rather hungry now!


It’s only ever happened once in all our time here though. And if you had just (well, several weeks ago) had to cut about 800’ of hedges, you might be less keen!


That Plum gin looks good @onlyawino, I need to experiment with making some gins. Ive always wanted to make sloe gin but we are too far north really for the berries to grow, except for one tree in Jesmond dean park which is raided before they are even ripe :rofl:.


I’m sure I seen Sloes in southern Scotland. Anyway…infuse gin with blackberries, and when I had an allotment my over producing raspberries made excellent gin…in quite a quantity.


Word from the cider orchards is that this is not a good yielding year.


Too much heat, perhaps…?


Bullace, sloes and wild plums all grow in the hedges round where I live , if you can wait til next summer end and we actually have that northern byob lunch, I’ll bring some for you.


Yeah thank you :blush:. We need to sort this years out … I’ll get on that northern meet up tomorrow :+1:.


@leah it may be a bit late but you could always take a trip to the Lyth Valley in southern Cumbria, where damsons are grown on a massive cottage industry scale (that’s if you can have a massive cottage industry !!!)


Just had to look up bullace - never seen or heard the word before. And no, I’m not much of a gardener!


Oh wow, I didn’t know that … I do spend time in the Lakes , not sure when I’m back across though , thanks good to know :grinning:


That, plus the differing blossom timings of the cider varieties, AND an invasion of the spider variety.