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Autumn in France



There isn’t a lot of spare storage space in VW California Campervan loaded for touring and I was pleasantly surprised to find that we managed to purchase 48 bottles of wine during this trip.
The autumn colours were stunning but it was the scenery in the hills of Beaujolais which impressed me the most. A visit to Domaines Piron (Morgon) on a showery Sunday afternoon turned in to a Gamay masterclass. Dominique supplies TWS and it was remarkable to appreciate such variety in his 5 different Gamay wines.
We spent a couple of weeks in the Languedoc. This is a huge geographical area and I now better understand why it is so hard to categorise. Drive a short distance and the landscape changes so dramatically.
A sunny afternoon in Limoux started with a tasting at Ch. Rives-Blanques with Caryl Panman. Her Blanquette de Limoux and single varietal white wines were excellent. She is a huge advocate for TWS. Afterwards we had a picnic looking out across the rolling hills to the distant Pyrenees. Later we drove down to Tuchan to see Katie Jones at Dom. Jones. The landscape is steep rocky cliffs and dense forest and a complete contrast. Her generous hospitality included an opportunity to taste some tank samples while trying to stay out of the way of the on-going production ! We also had a chance to taste her Grenache Gris ‘forgotten wine’ - 4 year in the barrel with pronounced oxidised flavour. It is absolutely crazy, in a very good way !
Along the way we did a wonderful walk which included picking wild Thyme and Rosemary. So this is what they mean by Garrigue.
It was a privilege and a pleasure to enjoy the warm hospitality of so many hard working and enthusiastic wine people. Most of the wine we drink these days has been purchased on location at the winery or from TWS and producers that we have met during our travels. A memory in every glass.


sounds wonderful…

Hoping to get a visit to Ch. Rives-Blanques in during next years summer hols


Fantastic write up Russell. Beaujolais is without doubt one of, if not the most, beautiful wine regions in France.


We too bought Katie’s ‘forgotten’ last year when we visited, Katie wasawYbut her husband was a wonderful host , also making lovely Fitou under his family’s name. We have one bottle left that will soon be gone, alas. It reminds us a little of a good Rioja and weirdly of posh furniture polish. A taste that is never forgotten and quite unique yes crazily good!