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Austria - any recommendations?


Brilliant forumites -

I’m heading to Austria in about a month’s time, does anyone have any recommendations of vineyards/producers to visit? We are staying in the Salzkammergut but we’ve allocated a day to go further east, perhaps the Wachau? Grateful for any pearls!


Lots of great producers in Wachau: F X Pichler, E Knoll and Prager Weingut all make great wine (Gruner and Riesling, though only had Riesling from Knoll so not sure if they also do Gruner).


Not sure if this is relevant to your trip, but a while ago there was a thread about vineyards near Vienna.
Have a good trip! :+1:


Here are some contacts:


There’s a Travels in Wine from Austria here which might have some good names:

I’ve only ever been to Vienna and then very briefly! Interested to see any more recommendations you get here in case I ever get the chance to revisit…


Salzkammergut is quite a way off the Austrian wine regions, you will have to be prepared to drive 2+ hours both ways if you want to visit Wachau (which seems to be the closest region to the lakes)… designated driver etc.

Off topic, but what I find in Austria is that normal supermarkets tend have quite good selection of quality Austrian wine.