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Australian wines

Thought I’d start a topic on all things Australian wines on TWS or anywhere else for that matter.
Seems everywhere has it’s own dedicated thread and after all the chat on the Blind Spot wines there is clearly a following for some decent Australian wines.

Feel free to change to thread title to something more catchy.

Personally, I think the sweet spot is £15-30 for Australia.

I must commend TWS on the recent listings of Bleasdale Frank Potts, a great Bordeaux blend form Langhorne Creek and Merite Malbec from Wrattonbully. Excellent wines at an excellent price.
More of that sort of stuff please @Freddy :metal:


A few new listings on the website…

This one from my old mob. Looks a bit like the old Scribbler label but badged up under the ‘Samuel’s Collection’.
Scribbler (as in kind of a pseudo 2nd wine to The Signature) was always Cabernet led but looks like Yalumba have switched things around since the re-label and gone with Shiraz dominant although I presume only just as the 2017 was 51% Shiraz.

I might be tempted for old times sake.


Please please please, leave Joe Grilli’s wines off TWS list. They’re too good to be listed here and supplies will only be harder to get if the EP brigade get them!


Solid wine this and delivers that Margaret River cab experience in relative youth.
Consistent performer.


I’m a big fan of Bleasdale’s The Wise One. A nice after dinner glass.



Indeed! And I can get them elsewhere thanks to you for highlighting.
Tempted to get some more, particularly the SS.

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I got a 6 bottle case of Tyrell’s Vat 1 from TWS.
Drank the lot over Christmas.
Great wine and reasonable value, compared say with a white burgundy that I’d normally drink over Christmas.


But where I pat @Freddy on the back, I also would like to call out some other listing’s that perhaps don’t thrill me with great excitement. Understanding that every SKU has a job to do but if Australia is only allowed 60 or so SKUs on the website, I would really like those to be the best and most representative that they possibly could be.


This is an odd-ball.
A 7 year old wine being bottled under a TWS own label. This to me screams of “here’s a parcel we couldn’t sell, let’s see if we can offer it to someone and see if they snap it up to cut our losses”
And TWS was that purchaser.

Now, I’m sure Freddy will tell me he really believes in it and it’s a fantastic wine for the price and urge me to give it a go. But for the above reason and the lack of provenance - Produced by South Australian Wine Bottlers from the famous vineyards in the suburb of Woodville, Adelaide I’m certainly not tempted.

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What’s an SKU please?

That 7 y/o Sangiovese at under £8 screams to me … ‘might be interesting - good grape, decent bottle age, worth a punt’ - and now added to my wishlist, so many thanks for the pointer.

I would like to see more Semillon please. Something in the £15 to £20 region bridging the gap between the £8.75 and the £36 bottles currently listed.


Sorry SKU = individual product.
Trade speak

ah… Stock Keeping Unit.

I was really excited to try this and found it really disappointing. Struggled to finish the bottle tbh. Surprising as I’ve had a number of Australian fortified over the years. Glad to hear you enjoyed it though. Maybe I need to try again

For Australian wines you don’t see everywhere, especially from the Maragret river I’ve started using the Vinorium… great choice!
The Vinorium | The UK’s Number One Australian Wine Specialist


Vinorium mailing list is far too dangerous


I had it slightly chilled which I prefer for my fortified wines - that may have subdued it a bit.


I might think that too if there was a bit more provenance.
Coriole’s Sangiovese from McLaren Vale is an excellent example. Can be had for £12 when on promo at Waitrose btw

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I appreciate its likely bottled in blighty, but still amazes me that 75cl of wine can be grown, cellared, shipped halfway around the world, all taxes and middlemen paid, and sell for under £8.


I had it fridge cold and have enjoyed several bottles, though last one was a few years ago now.

Far Far too dangerous. Wish I hadn’t read this.

They stock my favourite Oz Shiraz… ggaaahhh. How can I un-know this please ?



Say good bye to all your cash :rofl: