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Australian cab sauvignon a positive surprise!


Hello All, my name is Anil and just joined the community, though been with TWS for many years and hope to share some food and wine experiences with you all.
I made two trips to Australia in the last few months and can now admit that I actually like their Cab Savs more than I expected, being a firm Bordeaux lover.
The Leeuwin Estate Prelude (not art series) was excellent value, as was the St Hugo and the Katnook Estate 2012 from Coonawarra.

I also visit the Languedoc every year and have found some superb Rose in the area between Montpelier and Bezier. It is amazingly good value, and just superb with the summer foods that fit the climate…more after my next visit there in April/May!

Easter drinking: weekend drinking thread (30th March)

I have also been surprised with how much I’ve been enjoying oz cab sav and shiraz recently! I can’t tell if this is my palate maturing or regressing with enjoying big, bold and fruity bombs! :laughing:


Very glad to hear that. Have you tried any from the list that you would recommend?

… and welcome to the community!


I will try the Leconfield Coonawarra CS at some stage, but would love to see the WS stock Leeuwin and St Hugo, as I would gladly recommend those.


What about this?


The Art series is almost always good but somewhat pricey, and the Prelude I mentioned earlier is better value as an entry point.


Thats why I prefer Bordeaux! Not big on the bold and forward attack but with little or no complexity…however the perennial choice between easier pleasant drinking and that which provided the origin, and retains the subtlety and challenge? Or am I just being old fashioned?


Have you tried this? I find this a good cross between Claret and the new world and great value too :grinning:


That Leewin has plenty of bottle age. A fruit bomb it shouldn’t be.

Get a bottle. Taste it blind against your favourite Bordeaux. You will be surprised.


Yes! Last year, I discovered how much I love this:

So much so, I bought a whole case of it. It disappeared way too quickly! Not quite as premium but still lovely. Will look out for the Prelude and snap some up!


The prelude chardy is either currently or about to be on offer. Not sure we are stocking the prelude cab but will check with Australian buyer Sarah Knowles and report back.


Well i do LOVE a claret bug equally I’ve been looking further afield for new flavours. Ever since i did my wset I’ve been trying to find wines I’d normally steer clear of such as oz shiraz and cab sav and try and find new dimensions with them.

My real task which is far greater than big oz reds is to find an alabarino i like/can detect any flavour in!


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I think that Australian Cab Savs have been overlooked in favour of the Shiraz for many years.
Certainly on my mammoth tasting trip there years ago Shiraz dominated procedings, quite naturally, but the Cab Savs from the good producers often outshone the ubiquitous Shiraz.

From my fading notes, and of course time can bring change, the likes of Cape Mentelle, Moss Wood, Vasse Felix, Cullen in the Margaret River area, and Wynns, Houghtons, Mitolo, Bleasdale and Henschke, were all top notch, there are obviously more but that is just from my visit.
And it was the Shiraz that produced the most extracted wines, not that I didn’t enjoy many as it was a pleasure to drink wine made from ripe fruit as opposed to the often lean European offerings.


:disappointed: all gone !
Guess I’ll have to make go with this one from reserves.


I bought some of that as a bin end - would love to know how it is drinking…


Although sadly not available via TWS, Wynns Black Label Coonawarra Cab Sav is consistently outstanding value at about ÂŁ20. Usually comes in at 13.5-14% and is ripe but not overextracted.


I too would like to see TWS stock some of these excellent value Aussie Cab Sauvignon’s.


I rate this as a good value full and fruity number with enough structure to stop it being OTT. We had it at the weekend (somewhat at random with dinner), followed by

(which I enjoy and is good value) which it rendered dull and pedestrian by comparison.