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Australia - famine to feast?

It wasn’t that long ago that we were reading about Australia’s forest fires and ‘ash taint’. They were followed by floods and then the country closed borders for CoViD.

I see now that they have had a record wine vintage:-

“In Australia, the 2021 wine harvest is coming to an end with a record quantity of “excellent quality”. The 2.03 million tonnes are a new record, 31 percent higher than in 2020 and 19 percent higher than in 2019.”

Source Wein Plus


Funny old world.

Now they’ll be complaining they have too much and they can’t sell it…


I think a couple of years ago they probably had forecast sending a substantial amount to China. Unfortunately for the growers and producers politics has impacted them leaving them with surplus.

If anyone wants more details on recent Australian wine grape harvests, I have found an excellent 2021 report in full as a pdf and as a summary.

What I don’t know is whether the increased production will be felt over all price and quality levels or will be mainly in the ‘bulk’ wine supplied by the main producers (Treasury, Accolade and Pernod Ricard etc).

Their relations with China will certainly add to the pressure to dump on other markets.

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