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August 2020 on the Community [newcomers, click here!]

Hello all!

Welcome to your monthly roundup of events, top latest discussions and highlights to help you keep up with all the brilliant things you Community guys are doing.

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Events this month

There’s two brilliant events for you to take part in this month:

Thursday 13th August: #TWSTaste: South Africa

Thursday 27th August: #TWSTaste - Tapas Night!

Top Recent Discussions

  1. What’s your secret wine shame? Some amusing revelations in this topic - thanks @Richard for starting it!
  2. Hedgerow bounty - share your foraging tips here! (Thanks @peterm!)
  3. Escape from lockdown - Alsace visit. Read about @robertd’s brilliant recent trip to Alsace and get some travel tips of your own!
  4. Bad for wine week’ - how do you protect your wine from the summer heat? Lots of great suggestions here (thanks @GuidoD!)
  5. Innovative (and cheap!) cellar storage solutions - tons of great tips here for your home cellar. (Thanks @Grimpeur!)

What have been your favourite recent topics? Share them in the comments!

New User(s) of the Month

The Community bots :robot: will be picking two top users from our newcomers to award the New User of the Month badge in early August.

Here’s July’s winners:

Congrats @Darryl and @Andrew20 - two lovely friendly new faces who have joined us recently for their first #TWSTaste events! :clap:

Tasting note of the month

Once again, it’s taken forever to choose, and in the end I’ve had to do our second ever DOUBLE WIN! So congrats to @Templeton :

and @TJ175:

Both of these are just delightful ‘wow!’ moments with a special bottle, and it’s a joy to read.


One thing I wanted to ask the newer members of this Community - how have you found getting used to using the site? What would make it easier to find the kind of topics you’re most interested in? Would love your feedback. :slight_smile: