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We may need to work on the name…


TWS even provides a number of auction ‘houses’ acknowledging intentions may change.

Not sure the wheel needs reinventing here.


But, like a wheel, it does go round and round. TWS indeed accepts that reasonable circumstances arise which justify a member selling a modest quantity of wine. They allegedly look out for abuses of the rule of buying with intent to, at some point, profit from resale. Though I do know of one case of a TWS member having sold over 1800 consignments of wine via an auction house in the past 2 years. Mischief does occur but I doubt on much of a scale.

The common thread is, I think, the attractiveness of Members having first dibs on any unwanted wine. I personally would not object to Members who for whatever exceptional reason wish to sell, actually making a modest profit, with some cost plus benefit inuring also to the Society (for the good of its Members therefore). Buyers get the opportunity to buy wine of known provenance at also, perhaps, a decent price but not too far below market value so there is no secondary flipping opportunity creation at the back end as it were. In the great scheme of things this facility is not a priority but one which continues, unsurprisingly, to provoke interest and debate.


You know, the more I think about it, the more I think The Society would be crazy to offer such a scheme, as they stand a lot more to lose than gain. We’re a pretty stroppy bunch, I think, and the amount of ill-will that a bad trade could create would make any profits pretty irrelevant. Someone like Lay & Wheeler, who are unashamedly commercial, can get away with this, but I do feel that a cooperative is bound by a more stringent code of conduct.


This is exactly what was happening on the music concert site 10-15 years ago; people selling tickets for intimate (and stadium) gigs that could easily be sold at a 100-400% mark-up (with no holding costs and typically a <6 month holding period) at face value… because it was the right thing to do.

I suppose an example was getting 3rd row tickets for a Noel Gallagher show at the Royal Albert Hall for 25 quid. Touts were selling them outside or 400-500.

I was fortunate to get to some amazing gigs… and equally give away some brilliant shows.

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1800…? Was this via BfW? If so I think you’re mistaken in believing it all came from one vendor.

I wonder if anyone’s ever been banned from The Society for selling their wine on?

Actually, for any reason!


The data came from the feedback pertaining to one and the same vendor who is a TWS member because I had it separately confirmed by BfW and I once inadvertently bought from a featured auction a lot which turned out to be from the same seller. OWC delivered with TWS label and his details on it. Maybe their data is awry but there is plenty of circumstantial evidence that they have quite the sideline going on. Prolific historic wine buying must’ve changed to a total aversion to wine…

Due to the way the old site used to be set up all lots in a feature auction would be listed under the same vendor, the reconciliation being sorted out separately so that could explain it.

Interesting if fantastically confusing. That explains the disparity between number of consignments and their feedback number. Still, on the infrequent occasion I browse that site I see that they have something for sale, more often than not and since their joining a little over 18 months ago (if that figure can be believed), they have received 99 lots of feedback (which not everyone leaves), so presumably a higher number of sales. I have only ever seen cases of 6/12 for sale from them so that is quite a quantity of wine they are shifting,

On the whole does it look like the wine is being sold at a mark-up or is it broadly at cost would you suggest?

From what I have seen “on my travels” at mark-up but sometimes a modest cost plus. It really does vary, save for the volume element.

As I’ve mentioned above, I’d love to see a trading option on the forum that allows members to sell wine to one another, or back to TWS at essentially cost.

It would be good will in nature and I would hope could be self regulated with bad actors or bad faith highlighted.

I see a heap of reasons why one might need to dispose of wine purchased through the TWS (circumstances, geographies, health etc.) , and I would personally like to see that conducted in a manner that encourages a sense of community rather than sees people trying to “trade” and rip each other off.


Swaporama anyone?

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I’d get behind a name like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :rofl:


Not having a cellar of older wines I’ve often wondered whether it’s worth taking the risk - which it would undoubtedly be - of buying some older vintages at auction. Be fun to have a few older bottles to hand and if you keep expectations low then I suppose there is always the chance you could strike lucky. The catalogues I often browse are Chadwick’s in Abergavenny- has anyone in the Community ever bought wine there?

They have a sale coming up in a couple of weeks. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/jschadwick/catalogue-id-j-stra10009

Try the next Tennants wine/whisky sale at end of month. One item grabbed my attention, 12 bottles of declassified Margaux 2012 per chateaux, what is that. The price looks like a come and buy me.

I have bought from Straker Chadwick in the past but not from any other auction house. At the time I lived in Bristol and went there more out of curiosity than anything but with a firm idea of what lots I was interested in and knowing what my budget was.

Slightly irked with myself for the silly money I have been spending on wine of late as I look to rebalance my Bordeaux biased cellar, I am thinking of parting with a few bottles. Non-TWS and bought directly from Châteaux & Associés when I lived in France.

Has anybody sold any wine through wineauctioneer.com before? It seems pretty competitive, fees-wise and a parcel of Lynch Bages went for good money just last month. I am thinking of submitting 2 lots of 3 bottles, Lynch Bages and Baron Pichon Longuville, both 1998. The original cases of 12 kicked off my wine buying adventures. Delivered to a friend’s Parisian cellar in 2001 and picked up by me in 2003 and reposing in my wine cabinet since, minus a few dabbles over the years.


I’ve bought from wineauctioneer (under their associate company, whiskyauctioneer). Service is VERY quick, literally delivered next day after paying. I wont buy again though because the price (on cheaper bottles in anyway) ends up more expensive than you pay on the open market.

As a seller I imagine you will be OK, final prices always seem to be top-end. Especially with Lynch Bages in good condition, there will be a feeding frenzy. You can even sell the empty crate for money !

If 1970’s Barolo & other ancient Italian’s are your thing, there are always bottles with damaged labels & they always sell. I cant fathom that one out because surely after 40+ years in bottle the wine must be dead and gone?

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