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Deflection technique…

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Several years ago - quite a few actually - my youngest daughter’s partner gave me a bottle at Christmas as a joke. I kept it for 5 or 6 years, then we decided we had better open it. Much as it grieves me to say this, it wasn’t bad at all. If I had any idea of what the original tasted like, I would probably have said it had improved beyond recognition.


My mate Boaby won’t go past it and couldn’t care.


Has anyone had much/any success with online auctions?

I’ve used https://www.wineauctioneer.com/ in the past, but that was during that mental health blip, so I’ve tended to avoid while more healthy, just in case. I can confirm the service is very good, quick and works well (and I did get an old Gaja Barbarasco for around half its current price on Wine Searcher et al).

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While not the same ‘true auction’ format, I’ve had mixed success with bidforwine.co.uk - more like eBay for wine

I’ve had some well underpriced stunners and also some moderately priced failures. All comes to what was said above - depends how it’s been stored! I would say that nowadays it seems to be more popular and prices seem to reflect this


There’s one coming up 24th November . You have to register and send id first but it’s straightforward and the auctions they held are quite decent


I’ve had quite a few bits of success on wineauctioneer. Like all auctions one needs to be disciplined and remember to add the premium and delivery into your calculations. Very frequently will prices escalate past what you can get them for retail.

Also, I don’t pay the extra percentage for the risk free delivery or whatever they call it. I did it once and never again. The packaging is no different either way.

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My apologies if this has been mentioned and I’ve missed it, The Salesroom website lists all auctions taking place. You can look for auctions taking place that day and then search for categories etc.

There can be some interesting wines thrown in with Antiques and collectibles as well as dedicated showings.

Actually, it can be generally interesting to take a look at what’s being sold. Yesterday there was a Titanic auction. Looking at if from Lot 1 it looked like it was memorabilia and not that interesting. Then I filtered it to show highest estimate and the top item was a letter posted by the heroic Pastor John Harper who managed to secure a place on the life raft for his daughter and sister before handing his life jacket and place to a fellow passenger. He remained on board trying to raise the spirits of those left.

On a lighter note I listened in to a Police auction the other week, the auctioneer was a colourful character.


I said I’d report back about the auction I was planning to attend. Of course it was a virtual attendance.
Many of the lots were of champagne (mostly reputable names, and some luxury brands) and port (mostly LBV), neither of which I wanted. They did go for quite attractive prices, but you never know their condition.

Some wines went for real bargains, if they were in decent condition. 28 half bottles of VDN/Rutherglen muscat went for £70. I ended up with one purchase - 3 bottles of riesling, Rolly Gassmann 2004. Taking a bit of a chance but within the maximum I’d set myself for the lot. I’ve just opened a bottle and it’s well worth the £13 I paid. Still quite pale, hints of honey and petrol on the nose, rounded, quite dry, long.

One interesting lot was a whisky (10 yo Laphroaig). I’m not a whisky drinker but it appeared to be a readily available bottle, although one litre. It was estimated accordingly at £50-80. Someone (or rather two people) must have spotted something special about it, because it went for £480 plus 30% premium.

Interesting exercise, I might well look again when the next one comes up.

The 6 bottles of 1994 Liebfraumilch fetched £15. The lot including a bottle of TWS red 1966 fetched £40.