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ArPePe Rosso di Valtellina

I imagine many here know this wine.

I don’t, but have been meaning to try it for some years now.

My question is… at what age is it at its best? I’d probably give a Langhe Nebbiolo five years or so, maybe more, but obviously it’s a very different climate.

Hard for me to get hold of here in the southernmost fringes of the continent, so wouldn’t want to open it too early!

This is a similar wine that I bought in Teglio a few years ago when we went to the Pizzocchero d’Oro festival. I got half a dozen from the producer and have enjoyed roughly one a year since then. We have been very pleased with them all and I don’t feel there was much improvement with age.

I often drink Valtellina wines when at the Trattoria Milanese (via Santa Marta, Milan), and they are usually fairly young but restaurants do want to sell their stock as soon as it has been delivered to them!


Thanks! I think the ArPePe Rosso, excellent as it is, is also not a wine that benefits from ageing. No harm in giving it five years or so of course!

I also think it drinks younger than the average Langhe Nebbiolo

At now available at your friendly TWS (2020 vintage).

And a tenner more than Langhe Neb poor qpr ??

It’s the same price as the Cavallotto Langhe Nebbiolo…

Seriously though, I think the vineyards can be a bit extreme in Valtellina

Nice article on Arpepe here:


But it’s not exclusive to them:


It’s a bit pricey, for sure. But it’s over 20 euros anywhere in the civilised world.

Dfferent class to the TWS lLanghe Nebbiolo. Not really comparable!