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I like Armagnac, but I don’t know much about it.

Considering buying a vintage bottle for my birth year:


but not really sure what to look for. Any members with greater knowledge/experience know any of these producers and can recommend, or alternatively, can help/point me in the direction of some good info about Armagnac? (or even any other sites that sell vintage bottles!)


I thought this was a nice intro to Armagnac…


List a few producers that might be worth a look?


I love Armagnac - we were due to be visiting Tariquet, Pellehaut and Delord about 3 weeks ago.

Personally, I prefer Armagnacs that are heavy in (or solely) Folle Blanche - it has more ‘character’ for me.

I’m not familiar with any of the producers on the link apart from Darroze TBH. The Whiskey Exchange, and Masters of Malt both carry large stocks of Armagnac if you want to look at their range too to compare.

The only producer who I’ve actively not liked is Chateau de Laubade - their products taste more like Cognac to me, with all the edges knocked off and all the interest smoothed out of them.



An open bottle in the armoire as we speak - it’s a VERY good armagnac, £62 is a surprisingly affordable price considering it’s age. I do wish however, one could buy ‘cask strength’ non-chill-filtered armagnac.


Or… and this is slightly more ‘pig in a poke’ Armagnac often turns up on whisky auction sites. There isnt much interest so the prices can be surprisingly good - you might get a duff bottle, or something extraordinary, i cant imagine there will be many fakes on sale (unlike some whiskys).


I prefer Armagnac to Cognac, but it’s a long time since I drank either.

I dranks a glass or two of my birth year Armagnac in arestaurant in Aarhus, Denmark.

One wall held Armagnac bottles with vintages going back to the year dot and you could choose a glass of whatever year took your fancy. I chose mine…

But, as Armagnac, like other spirits, doesn’t age in the bottle, my birthyear didn’t taste particularly different.

I see the restaurant has now relocated and I can’t see the wall of Armagnac bottles in Google, so don’t make a special journey :slight_smile:


I had a glass of birth year (also 1980) armagnac at a blow out meal at Bob Bob Ricard for my partners birthday a few years ago. Google tells me it was a baron de sigognac bas armagnac apparently. It was intensely pruney and nom, but I can’t really tell you any more than that sorry!


I have recently sourced this from L&W who inherited this from the old Howells of Bristol Bin Club I used to be a member of.
It’s well priced for Armagnac and well worth checking out, not the right year of course but therein lies the challenge.

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That’s interesting. Lay & Wheeler aged it themselves for 11 years before botting it 15 years after vintage.

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Vintage year armagnac is very largely a gimmick, not to say a bad thing but it is generally kept and sold for peoples birth years. Since it is a single year the quality can be quite variable. Most armagnacs are a blend, of different years in order to produce a desired and consistent taste.
I was given a bottle of my own birth year (sadly some while before 1980) and it is really quite ordinary.
The older the year generally makes it more expensive, due to rarity, but it is not a guide to quality.