Arizona Wine

Currently sitting in Cornville AZ, near Sedona, surrounded by vineyards. Javelina Leap, Page Springs, Oak Creek to name but three I can see from the verandah. Elevation 4000 ft, volcanic basalt, sand, clay soil. Usual range of grapes - Chardonnay, Merlot, Zinfandel,CabSauv, Syrah, Muscatel and some Seyval.
Tastings reveal fruity wines from comparatively young vines, made with varying degrees of refinement. Wine tastings at wineries and wine bars are very popular and firmly part of the extensive tourist offer. One restaurant visited ‘Up the Creek’ had one of the most extensive wine lists I have seen in USA. It featured approx 40 Arizona wines.
Property is being sold with potential for vineyard development.
Would be interested to hear of fellow members experience of AZ wines. When shall we see them on Society lists?

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We stayed in Sedona in 2016 on way from Grand Canyon to Jerome where I went to taste wine.

I drank as many AZ wines as I could and brought a couple home with me.

All the best to them, but I think the locals are prepared to pay a lot more for AZ wines than Brits would and when you add our wine tax, duty and VAT I’m not sure they’d be a rush to them from TWS members.

Enjoy AZ!

My friend is there right now also. I’ve never had a wine from Arizona, what do they grow there ? @peterm makes some good points , if the wines are already overpriced and not VFM I doubt TWS would be showcasing them .

One of the members of rock band Tool, Maynard James Keenan. owns a winery in Arizona. Namely Caduceus Cellars. Quite a few of their wines seem to come from a vineyard named ‘Merkin’. Which made me titter.

They make a Nebbiolo rose. For better or worse, I’d have to give it a go should I ever find myself there.


Never have I waited so long for a new album :pray:


Vashti Bunyan fans had to wait 35 years between releases !

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Ah yes! I forgot about her little leave of absence…!

Hi, I have commented elsewhere on this site about very different attitude to pricing wine in USA. Have purchased La Vielle Ferme In Safeway for less than it costs in UK ASDA. The Pedroncelli Cabernet on TWS List , an excellent wine, is $5 equivalent cheaper than in USA. I shall be ordering some on return.
So it is a moot point as to what the shelf price might be in UK.
The vineyards and wineries more often have the feel of ‘boutique’ operations and maybe smaller quantities mean less likelihood of there being much interest in export…but there is decent stuff to drink here…at a price.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that the price of wine (like almost everything else in the USA) is shown ex-sales tax. Depending where you are around 6% tax is added at checkout.

Here, for US wine we have duty & wine tax to be added and then 20% VAT is applied on top.

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