Argentina and Uruguay

Thanks very much indeed @Robin63! They sound like some absolutely wonderful recommendations. I think I’m looking forward to Montevideo the most, looks like it’ll be a great city experience, without quite the bustle of Buenos Aires and Santiago.

A quick couple of quick practical questions, r.e. Buenos Aires, if you don’t mind! I’ve literally never used WU: can you just turn up at one of the many branches in BA and send money there and then? Or is it something I should do now and then collect at a particular branch? Prior to then, have you any tips for getting money at the airport (I’ll need to get a taxi and won’t have any currency)? (Sorry, I appreciate this is not a particularly wine orientated conversation, but I promise some wine pictures when I get there!) For travelling around in BA I was just going to a SUBE card, if that’s something you’d recommend? Does Boca just have a reputation, or are there other areas you’d generally not walk around?

Hopefully you received my separate message. Let me know if you did not. Have a good trip.

Can’t see it. I’ve just messaged you, so hopefully that starts a channel! :slight_smile:

Just responded. Best wishes

Thread resurrection. Hopefully @Toby.Morrhall will read at some point. Just thinking back on this bottle, consumed at the weekend

Was it a limited release or just a punt on something unusual?

Also wondering if we can expect to see this or future vintages in future? Was fabulous, if very young and I’d love to scuttle a few away to see how it develops. I have one left, but that leaves me a little short.


Timely given the election results yesterday!

It will appear in March 1874 offer. It was offered earlier because because we showed it at our Òctober tastings when Mendel were over.


There was I about to scoffingly retort along the lines of, “well you could always get a Jurancon and save some carbon footprint”, but I was astonished to see that TWS only lists one non-sec Jurancon Jurançon Moelleux, Vent Balaguer, Clos Lapeyre 2015 50cl which is not really equivalent to the Mendel.

So my open-ended question is why doesn’t TWS stock a larger range of Jurancons ?

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Thanks very much. Thought it disappeared rather quickly.