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Are you missing your messages?



Have you ever noticed those little number icons that float above your avatar?


It is tempting to think that we’ve done this to make everyone look like Mickey Mouse, but they really serve a purpose, honest!

The BLUE icon is a notification count that tells you how many posts on the main forum are marked for your attention. This might be because:

  • you have been mentioned,
  • you’ve been quoted,
  • someone replied to a topic you started or have participated in
  • someone liked a comment you made,
  • someone has posted in a category you’ve set to “watch”

Clicking on your avatar will show you a list of these notifications, and clicking on them takes you to the right place.

However, there is also the GREEN counter.

This number shows you how many ‘Private Messages’ you have in your inbox. This inbox is for

  • messages from other users,
  • messages from admins and
  • certain kinds of system alerts, including a welcome message.

To access these click on your avatar, and then on the title (that starts with an envelope image). Alternatively, click on your messages button

I believe that MANY new users are missing out on potentially useful links and messages by not reading these messages, so if you have that green indicator, why not check your inbox and clear the in-tray!

(ps. there is also an invitation to meet our friendly CellarHand welcome bot!)


I thought I might bump this message to the top to remind users, particularly those who are new here, that there could be a green or blue icon in your menu bar telling you that you have unread messages and notifications

don’t miss these - you never know who might be getting in touch :slight_smile:


Thanks. Hadn’t noticed these at all before now.


They’re easier to notice once you add a profile picture as it demonstrates, I hope, that these are alerts related to YOU when they hover over your picture

(hint hint)