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April offers have landed



Cru Beaujolais, Australia, South of France, and the chance to win a tour of the Rhone with Marcel for recommending a new member…

Some tasty looking items in the Beaujolais offer, with every Cru village represented


Thank you for the alert.


Lots of new stuff, inc new fine wine list. I’ll be swayed by the Cullen and Polish Hill.


Bring on the Beaujolais, I’ve been waiting for this :+1::+1:


Me too! Trying to decide which mixed case to get. The mixed dozen is nice and varied, but that Rgenie is delicious. I might have to buy more than 12…


Good to see the Wirra Wirra case in there but disappointed it doesn’t contain Absconder Grenache as it’s an absolute belter.
Any chance next time @Sarah?


Can anyone make any recommendations from the Beaujolais offer? Aside from a mixed case I’d like to see how some of these wines evolve.


Thivin and Burgaud seem good bets for longer term; jancisrobinson.com has drinking windows for the higher end wines of theirs to 2035!



Be delighted considering a) I’ve just finished lugging my order of 2017s up the stairs to my desk :sweat_smile: and b) I was very lucky to be able to taste a lot of these with Tim earlier in the year on a visit to Beaujolais (write-up is coming soon on Travels in Wine in case of interest - I’ll let people on here know when it’s live).

@tom is absolutely right about Jean-Marc Burgaud’s Régnié Vallières…

…and I was particularly impressed with his Morgon Les Charmes in 2017 too.

This is lovely - uncomplicated but so well done:

For ageing and seeing how they develop, I’d particularly recommend these:

^ the latter being tasted alongside the 2014 on this very Community soon!

Hope of help and that you enjoy them.


Thanks for the tips, I have a full basket…again…


A little annoying that I received the email alert on the Bordeaux offer today. Immediately went online to look at it especially the 2010 case of reds and the ATP (aged to perfection) wines that the offer raves about, but that case and almost all of the ‘ATP’ red wines in the offer are already sold out. I sort of felt what’s the point. I received the email at one o’clock and went online at about one twenty and that’s what I found! Ho hum!


I think that Bordeaux offer has been there a couple of months, it just closes this week which is why they’ve probably mailshot people today, just as a little nudge. This would probably explain why a lot of the stock has sold out, i don’t think it’s down to particularly quick responding shareholders!


That’s kind of what I figured but the email was the first notification that I received. Which is why it’s a bit annoying especially as I’ve been away for a couple of months, so email alerts are about my only chance of noticing this stuff! Never mind. I’ve picked up a couple of the remaining '10 St Estephes and Pauillac.


There are some extremely tempting wines, keenly priced too, in the Beaujolais offer. Realistically I shouldn’t be buying right now but this is very testing.

Should you hear a vague tinkling noise it 'll be my resolve shattering.


That’ll be the small change left in my wallet, as I frantically search for some substantial sums…
Lovely, tempting, seducing offers… But not this month I fear.


That’s the dilemma :thinking:
I generally prefer to make my own selections, but the better than 20% saving on the mixed Cru Classics case is so tempting.

The “saving” could fund another 2.69 bottles of the Regnie Vallieres…


Your willpower is better than mine !

I’m now having an internal argument with myself. There’s an angel on one shoulder, the voice of reason, and a pleasure seeking devil on the other, putting forward their cases as to the best option.

To be honest, I already know who’s going to win.


I saw that too but think the indicated saving on that case, on the website, is a typo. The saving is stated as £7.50 in the paper offer.


Why oh why does the Society not stock ANY of the Bojo that I like? That’s Foillard, Lapierre, Métras, Balagny…


You are correct.

I’ve just done the arithmetic and the total regular bottle price comes out to £142.50 for the case. Probably a case of the classic 4 & 7 transposition.

Fortunately the error is on the website so is an easy fix. The pdf, and presumably paper versions, are correct.

That saving only equates to 0.54 of a bottle of Regnie. :sob: