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April is the Cruelest Month


This is a rather depressing article by Andrew Jefford:

It had certainly clouded over my sky on this fine day! :worried:


Yes, I’ve been seeing some talk about this on the TV. It’s all just a huge mess. :frowning:


:scream: When I heard mention of this the other day I thought it couldn’t possibly be serious, but that article paints a very different picture. The very notion of dropping this seems absurd to me. Surely no one had this in mind as a goal two years ago…


I think what has been mentioned before was the possibility of importing large amounts of American farm products post B-day. You may remember the fuss about chlorinated chicken etc. It rapidly became clear that it was not a popular suggestion and it swiftly went away.

I’m pretty sure this is the same thing under a different banner. American food has many fine small producers, but they sell locally for the most part. That’s not what we are talking about here - I sadly suspect that this is another option to facilitate an open door to US Big Agribusiness.

I really hope I am wrong. Maybe it is indeed just a bargaining ploy. But why else would we wish to abandon protection of quality local designations that guarantee you get the real thing?


I thought there was an agreement not to bring politics to the community.


You’re very right, @onlyawino! Mea Culpa.

It was the ‘wine’ bit that caught my eye and upset me most of all - and I appreciate not everyone would feel the same or find it an issue.
I guess the real world does get in the way of wine, sometimes, and it’s difficult to pretend that all is jolly out there as it is in here.
Again - my apologies!


Yes, sorry from me too if my contribution ventured too far towards the political.

I’m honestly not sure where the line is in this case though - happy to be guided.


I have lots of points I would have liked to bring up, but I’m one of the LD’s thick northerners …:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
I will make no more comments on this thread :rage:


OK, point taken.
I will close this thread now and we can all sleep better :wink:



Hello everyone,

I completely respect @Inbar’s decision to close her topic, but I did just want to make one quick clarification: we don’t have any policy here that prevents the discussion of politics, provided that everyone keeps to our Community Guidelines and remains respectful, lawful etc.

We all have different views and I don’t think debate is a bad thing, and there’s also the option to mute a conversation or topic if you’d prefer not to see it.

Thanks, everyone!