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April 2020 on the Community

Hi everyone!

There’s an awful lot going on here on the Community, and if you’re new or not a frequent visitor, it can be tricky to catch up. That’s what these monthly posts are for!



Our weekly virtual tastings are:

Thursday 23rd April:

Thursday 30th April:
Northern Italy (link will be posted here soon)

Lunch with a buyer:

Tuesday 28th April:


Recent events you can catch up on include:

Lunch with a buyer: Jo Locke MW
Lunch with a buyer: Freddy Bulmer
Lunch with a Buyer: Toby Morrhall
TWSTaste: sparkling wine and Champagne
TWSTaste: Burgundy
TWSTaste: Sweet and fortified wine with cheese

Top posts

  1. The Homeschooling Sanity Thread - it seems like there’s lots of parents sharing advice, tips and frustrations so do join in! (thanks, @Herbster!)
  2. What’s the story behind how and when you were proposed as a member?
  3. Take your baking skills to the next level with Gary and Akos’ sourdough starter recipe (Thanks @VinoVeritas and @szaki1974!)
  4. Find a new way to pass the time in our Box Set recommendations topic (thanks @Taffy-on-Tour!)
  5. … or by exploring these (often free) places to stream theatre, music and more during lockdown.
  6. @AnaGramWords started an interesting dicussion on hydroponic vineyards

New User of the Month

The Community bots :robot: have once again picked two top users from our newcomers to award the New User of the Month badge - congrats to @Patm and @KeynshamWine!

Tasting note of the month

I couldn’t resist choosing this from @Brocklehurstj - love to see a wine so enjoyed there’s a risk of drinking it all before the food you’d planned to pair it with is ready! :smiley:


A huge welcome to @Kelly, our new Social Media and Community Co-ordinator. She’s only been with us since early April and it feels like she’s part of the family already, so thank you all for making her feel so welcome.

And congrats to our newly extended team of Mentors. Our Mentors are now:

The next update will be posted in early May.