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Before becoming a Wine Society member late last year, my son introduced me to the Vivino App. Whilst it would not be appropiate to replicate the Vivino App, I very strongly believe a good Wine Society App would increase Member engagement and therefore also sales. With our now Mobile First world, I would suggest that this should be a priority and part of the revamp of ICT underway. I appreciate that there was an Android app, now withdrawn. Time to re-design and re-launch! I rearely switch on a pc and engage with retailers and media through their apps rather than the mobile browsers - and would guess many others do the same. Look forward to news!


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Hi Giacomo.

Sorry for your disappointment here.

Indeed we used to have an Android app, but it was very high maintenance to keep it updated and compatible with the multitude of versions across all device types.

Although Android has a higher market share than iOS, there are too many variants and it is far more difficult to manage.

In addition, the iPhone App has not been updated for many months now and is “on its way out”.


  1. You can use our website’s responsive-design in your phone/tablet’s web browser (which gives a far superior experience and increased functionality over the previous app, anyway). It’s the full desktop experience on your phone or tablet.

  2. Our digital team are working hard on developing a new app/apps in due course - stay tuned!

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As someone who was an avid user of the Andriod app I can confirm the responsive website is much better.


I love tghe TWS app in a funny way. It’s genuinely like going into a time warp.

That said, it works reliably and if you know what you’re looking for it’s fast and easy.

However, Apple are making significant demands on app developers to ensure App user experience is better than one might get using a mobile website. You can’t just build an app that does nothing particularly native and get it in the App Store. Apple will probably reject it and your investment will be wasted.

Source: i’m working on getting an app that doesn’t have much native functionality through the Apple review process.

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Best of luck with your app, Matt!

I bang on in every survey and feedback to no avail so here goes:
I use the app on my iPhone and website on my MacBook and work laptop
PLEASE can you use the same technology of amazon, eBay , supermarkets etc etc and make my wish list and basket sync between app and website ???
Pretty please - a real bugbear and neither is ever current once the other has been used

I always think the website works brilliantly on the iPhone, no need for the app. Look and feel is excellent, better than a lot of other websites.

Don’t forget amazon and eBay have millions to spend on app, web and tech development. Not sure TWS can afford to do the same

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Thanks for the info and update. Whatever the short or longer term outcome, am happy this is a topic under continuous review! Giacomo

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TWS has put their development behind the responsive design website rather than the app. Try the website on your iPhone for a few days to get used to it - if you save wines to your wishlist or add them to your basket, they will synch across your devices.