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App and Website order



New here, so apologies if it has come up before. I’ve searched with no success.

I’ve logged in to the app. Then, I carefully have prepared an order using the app, with my selection all in my basket. On checkout, I can neither select collection from the Showroom, or change the delivery address to something other than home. Am I missing something?

When I log on to the website (as I assume on the website both options will be available to me), the wines in my basket on the app are not in my basket on the website. Am I right in thinking these things do not join up?

It looks like the only option will be to add all the wine to my basket on the website, before then selecting collection.

Is that right, or am I missing something?

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I believe you’re absolutely correct , I have in a number of occasions added to my basket on the app and it doesn’t appear in the full site version. Even when syncing it still doesn’t seem to sync the app basket to the site basket. Shame


It appears that the development of the app has been abandoned and focus was shifted to a mobile friendly website, with success might I say. So if there are problems with the app those will remain problems. At least this is the answer I got when I asked about the TWS app in another context.


It hasn’t been abandoned, but without going into detail we are looking at mobile strategy (including app) with plans for developments in 2019, and don’t want to start piecemeal alterations now only to redevelop them all over again.


Thanks for the replies all. It’s a bit frustrating, but good to know I haven’t missed anything. I’ll stick to the website in future.


Ewan’s comments (Society Staff) are disappointing - looking at ‘mobile’ in 2019 is a joke!


Sorry - my comment didn’t quite come across as planned. Our revamped mobile strategy will be operational by then. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to see any improvements between now and then, but they will come in phases rather than all at once or one at a time.


But Harsh @Treeebs, he’s explained it’s being looked at. Anyway, thanks for the update @Ewan👍.


Worth also noting that this is an updated review of the mobile strategy, our website (and emails) went mobile responsive many many years ago (I think around mid 2015). We are constantly looking to improve things with a fair few incremental improvements on the back end that no-one will ever see but give subtle improvements on the front end.


I find the TWS app fairly redundant given the ease of use of the website on all types of screen…


Agreed. Actually didn’t realise there was an app - I’d never looked for it as the mobile site is nicely optimised


The original app was designed as we didn’t have a responsive site, now that the site is responsive you should have a better experience using the main site on any device.


Why is the app still available for download in the store? The mobile web experience is far superior, and this question seems to pop up every month or two.


Agreed. It may be better to retire the app and focus all mobile efforts into enhancing the full website, since the experience is superior. One argument against that would be if the app is generating significant revenues and/or order sizes are larger on the app, but I doubt that and in any case it wouldn’t be sustainable.