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Apostolos Thymiopoulos - producer focus


Hello all, I know there are some good folks who are big fans (quite rightly) of the wonderful wines of Apostolos Thymiopoulos, of Northern Greece, on here. His delicious Rapsani is a particular favourite of many it would seem, which is really great!
I thought I’d give you all a heads up on the down-low that I’ve wrangled a producer focus on 6 of Apostolos’ wines in the January Fine Wine List, which features some amazing new wines that have never seen this country before!
Keep your eyes peeled in January!

TWS Fine Wine List [January 2019]

Great news, will be saving my Christmas money.


Awesome news! His wines have real class and finesse.


This sounds great … but at this rate how am I ever going to afford 2017 Rhône EP ? :see_no_evil::woman_facepalming:t3::rofl:


Was he reluctant to sell?


Presumably it’s the ‘producer focus’ Freddy’s wrangled, from the TWS team who decide the format of the Fine Wine List.


That is how I understood it, too.


As a fellow member of Team Apostolos during that particular meeting, I can confirm that @tfpywfpy’s & @szaki1974’s wrangling interpretations are correct


Yes that’s exactly it!


But who’s wranglers did you wrangle ??

Okay I’ll get my coat :rofl::rofl:


Very fashionable wines (I don’t mean that in a sneering or derogatory way!) and a well-deserved staple at the cool single syllable Michelin starre.d restaurants in shoreditch. Would love to immerse myself in more of them!


That might be quite expensive?


Call me Cleopatra…


It’s on the website folks…



That probably means fine wine list on Monday…


Between the rapsani and the earth and sky naoussa. Does anyone know which one I should get if I can only take one bottle?


I think it’s win-win for you on that one. I’ve gone for the Earth & Sky because I loved the 2015 I had last year, but there’s been a whole lotta love for the Rapsani on these pages too. I haven’t compared them side by side though - maybe someone else has…? I think Rapsani is a warmer spot than Naoussa.


Rapsani is a winner if you like ‘volcanic’ type (I assume basalt soil) wines - Etna, Mornington PN - it has a lot of the same cola/cinnamon/exotic spice notes. I haven’t tried the earth and sky but don’t know if it has the same?


As @Herbster says, they are both great. I didn’t taste them side by side either, but from memory, the Rapsani was riper tasting, and the Earth and Sky a bit more structured. I don’t know if I could say which I preferred though.


Very tempted by the whole case!

Though reading the notes for the Earth & Sky this stood out in the description…

A remarkable xinomavro from 40-year-old vines in Naoussa, in the north of Greece. This is really singing in the 2016 vintage. A compellingly complete and balanced wine which has aromas of both black slate and red fruit. Fresh and grippy structure with impressive complexity. This can rival Burgundy at twice the price.

Anyone know what black slate smells like?!? :roll_eyes: