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Apex of Pedantry

I can’t stop thinking about the truck turning up very late and somebody saying “Ah, Suck Cess at last”.


How about ‘movement’ rather than poo? As in…
Q. What’s small, brown and lies at the bottom of the orchestra pit?
A. Beethoven’s last movement… :flushed:


I think it’s a combination of irony and the similarity of colour

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Has anyone else noticed that on the Burgundy page that the “Rare Burgundy Wines” box shows a photo of Tim contemplating a bottle of Bordeaux?

EDIT - and also for the Rhone. Sadly we don’t get Marcel looking at a bottle of CnDP on the Bordeaux page…

On the subject of poo and shit I recommend John McWhorter’s Nine Nasty Words - in particular I recommend the audiobook both because you really have to hear the words being spoken but also because the author’s delivery of his own text is so entertaining. The book’s central arguments are also compelling.


Ah! both me and my other half loved his Word on the Street. In fact this was the first book my other half lent me when we started going out… he knew the way to this geek’s heart.

Anyway, you piqued my interest there, so I shall investigate further… :nerd_face: