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There are quite a few threads on this forum, which are not related to wine and I have often come across something that was worth sharing but never got around to posting it. So, here goes.

This is really for anything, news stories, articles, holiday suggestions, anything. It could be to prompt discussion or just simply because you just wanted to share something that others may find of interest, helpful, insightful, through provoking, uplifting, etc.

I just came across this article on the Daily Mail website, of all places. For once, it’s actually a really good article and judging by the comments, appears to have resonated with quite a few readers. If only all Mail articles were as insightful and/or sympathetic.

Boys Breakfast Club


This was another article that stood out for me, at the time. I liked it because it was about an (extra)ordinary, Jewish woman speaking out on a topic that I feel very strongly about. I think that it may have been around the time that Gary Lineker made his controversial comments about some Conservatives’ use of inflammatory language. I still don’t really understand why some people found what he said to be so controversial, as I have been thinking the same for years.

I confronted Suella Braverman because as a Holocaust survivor I know what words of hate can do


And from a period, when the laughs were harder to come by.


I really enjoyed that. Thanks for the share.


I second that! A really warm and life-affirming article.

I often think about how different male and female friendhips are. My other half is actually someone who happens to be very good at maintaining and nurturing his male friendships (the longest friendship has been going on for 52 years). Nevertheless, watching them together - the way they interact, what they say to each other and how they say it - always brings home how differently me and my close female friends interact. Nothing better or worse - just a very different emphasis and different ways of expression. Fascinating stuff! :ok_hand:

Thanks for sharing, @Templeton! :slightly_smiling_face:


100% resonation of that article here.

I threw in moving cities to the friendship retention blend too. Most of my friends live in London and I left to rejoin family roots in wales. All family of my age doesn’t live in wales any more too. Whoops

Our downstairs neighbour in LN used to run a Michelin star restaurant. They raised their child in a 1 bed as was our future prospect. I didn’t fancy it. Financial factors are huge on where you set up home and your friends circle. So we left. I carry on living there for work: that’s where the jobs are.

Every time you move home it’s harder to make friends, particularly male factor perhaps?

Not all bad, when I’m based in Wales. My neighbours, one a (sourdough) baker, and others we’ll head to the pub at least once a week. I miss the diversity of LN though


As rare as hens’ teeth, two interesting and thought provoking pieces in the Daily Mail, on the same day. Even more amazing, this one’s from Peter Hitchens, most of whose views and writing I find to be questionable. However, this is about a recent criminal case, which I have found baffling.

I wish someone else would ask this: What if Lucy Letby is not guilty?

In my experience, it is incredibly rare to come across a murderer, let alone a serial killer, without any obvious antecedent or evidence of disturbed behaviour prior to his/her offence. Whilst the evidence in this case, as it has been reported, seems to be overwhelming, this was also the case with other miscarriages of justice, in the past. The Stefan Kiszko case and Guildford Four cases are just two, in which wrongful convictions were made but at the time of conviction, the evidence of guilt was reportedly overwhelming. The consequences for the wrongly convicted were tragic.

Kiszko suffered numerous serious assaults, while imprisoned and subsequently developed schizophrenia, probably stress induced. He was eventually transferred to a high secure hospital and was due to be transferred back to prison, when his conviction was quashed. He still ended up spending several further months in a secure psychiatric unit though, due to his poor mental state, before eventually being released. Tragically, he died just a year later.

Hopefully, justice has been done with Lucy Letby but it is certainly an incredibly unusual case and I suspect that, unless she acknowledges her guilt, the debates will continue for years, as in the case of Jeremy Bamber.


I was having exactly this conversation with someone the other day. I hadn’t known there are people raising questions - really interesting article.


It might be the Daily Mail but the writer is the great David Aaronovitch, a great writer when on form, and who really makes one think. I have always liked that he makes one see a key issue differently, usually by standing back a bit further than anyone else. He does it not to deliberately stand out from the crowd but to try to see and understand the deeper forces that others don’t want to see as it does not fit their agenda.


Who has time nowadays to make friends?
When you have a family and a demanding job it’s nigh on impossible to start a friendship.
I also left London years ago and I never looked back. Still work in London after all those years however the close group of friends I had from my pre-family life are all gone bar one.
On top of that try to add moving countries and have no family around to help with the little things.


I know that there are a few others on this forum, who enjoy investing. Sad to learn of the death of Warren Buffett’s main business partner, Charlie Munger, at Berkshire Hathaway. Shame that he didn’t quite make it to 100 but there are many people out there, who benefited from his investment wisdom.

Tributes pour in for investment guru Charlie Munger


The ‘New’ in the new teams logo on the taskbar has irritated me for some time. Today I have an oversized status icon instead, covering about 90% of the teams logo. A minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things but considering it always worked in old teams :frowning:

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