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Anyone use wine related apps?


Hi all,

I have tried a few wine related apps over the years but not really found anything that has become indispensable, I have had a go at Vivino, Delectable, Wine searcher, Hello Vino etc. The main thing I am after with an app is basically the drink dates, price point, food pairing as well as main grape types. Main issue I have found so far is that either having issues capturing the correct wine or it finds the correct wine but the vintage isn’t listed. Not sure if any of the apps have improved over time so I might download a few again and try it out - just wondering if anyone has found a really good app they always use.

Thanks in advance!


I use the CellarTracker app, it is pretty decent on drinking windows, community tasting notes are of use, too and it uses the Vivino engine to identify wine… Wine Searcher as you noted for price and grape (not perfect)

I am yet to find an app that would have all what you are after in one. I am not going to comment on the TWS app, let’s just say there is room for improvement.


Might try and download the CellarTracker app, I have found just using the site it does come up with some of the wines but doesn’t always have the vintage I have on the rack - usually use the vintage chart on The Wine Society site for an idea as to when to drink a certain wine.

With regards to the current Wine Society app, it was created before we had a responsive site, now that we have a mobile responsive site there isn’t really much need to use the current app as you can get to more information simply going to the site on your mobile. There is currently a review of our overall mobile strategy in progress to ensure that we can provide the best service to all members in the future.

Making Society Cellar Collection Public

This makes complete sense, haven’t really tried the website on the mobile, but now I will.


I usually know what I want to purchase so have always found the App used on my iPad very quick and user friendly. I will of course use the mobile bsite for my next order. Mmmm what am I running short of … only 6 bottles of Spy Valley.


The ones I use regularly (almost daily) are CellarTracker and Wine Searcher (Pro version). I couldn’t live without them, frankly. I also have Vivino but I almost never use it.


In terms of food pairings, apparently Pocket Wine (about £3-4 on the app store I think) is quite good. My friend recommended it a while back - he knows a bit about wine but I wouldn’t say he’s confident, but he was saying you can either select the wine you’ve got and find food pairings, or select the food you’re cooking and it’ll show wine recommendations. So that might be quite handy, but obviously it’s not going to help with the more in-depth info you can get from CellarTracker/Wine Searcher etc.


While I’m not really adding much to the conversation I can also vouch for Cellar Tracker being a great app to manage your cellared wines and also finding out the drinking windows for almost any wine.

I use Vivino fairly religiously I do have to say. For me I find it really helpful for remembering wines I have drank and also I can quickly check what I thought of a particular wine. I’ve found it very useful for knowing which winemakers, and wine regions, I like the most as well. You can tell my memory isn’t the best!
As a side bonus to using it so often I follow other Vivino fans who are into similar wines to me and so we can have a little natter, exchange wine recommendations and I know that if someone likes a particular wine then I most likely will enjoy it to - takes some of guesswork out of it :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the suggestions :slight_smile: will try out cellar tracker, issue being is that I will need to go and check my wine rack and scan the bottles - there might be 1 less bottle to scan after checking through the rack :smirk:


Just downloaded Cellartracker as suggested, noticed that there is also a ‘drink-ability’ index on the main site which might help me decide which wine to open next - rather handy!


You can get to that from the app as well - on the first page choose the ‘My Cellar’ and scroll down to the ‘Ready to Drink’ report


That’s rather handy, as well as being able to scan barcodes and labels etc so should be easy to add extra wines once I get them - although I think I might just use the app for wines that can improve with age rather than the odd bottle I get from the Showroom.


I’ve just checked my cellar tracker app and i’ve got 18 bottles of Bordeaux that are either past their drinking window or should be drunk by the end of 2017.

I better get stuck in to them! :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:


If you need help using this site to arrange a private tasting, let me know :wink:


It’s mostly from the same estate so maybe a vertical tasting! 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007

The 2005, 2006 and 2008 still have some life in them according to cellartracker!