Anyone up for a bonus #TWSTaste of New Zealand oddities?

Hi everyone,

OUr AGM #TWSTaste was a bit quieter than normal in the end - everyone (even I!) was having too much fun at the AGM itself to take part. :see_no_evil: Maybe not our best idea ever - but we still got loads of new members interested in the Community! :smiley:

Anyway, our next #twstaste isn’t scheduled until late July, but I wondered if - seeing as so many of our regulars couldn’t make the AGM one - you might be up for squeezing a sneaky extra TWSTaste in before then?

Particularly because we’re about to send out a New Zealand offer which includes a couple of real curiosities I can’t wait to try - a gruner veltliner and an albarino, both grapes you wouldn’t associate with New Zealand!

Let me know if you’re interested below and if we get enough people I’ll set something up. We can either do a mini pre-tasting on 27th June at 7pm before the next guerilla tasting or we could do Thursday 4th July?

  • I’m interested - 27th June 7pm
  • I’m interest - 4th July 8pm
  • I’d rather wait until the July tasting on 18th July (which will be a different pair of wines TBA shortly)

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Voted 18th but only because I’m on hols for the other two dates.

Hopefully you’ll choose arose or two for the 18th …


A pair of TBAs?? Do you think I’m made of money??

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I could go for the following week, as I haven’t ordered the guerilla wines yet. But not sure about the 27th - the little ones aren’t always in bed by 7pm. Plus, two tastings in a row - who knows how that thread would turn out :crazy_face:


I would have loved to, but am away both June and early July evenings. Hope you have a good one, if it goes ahead! :+1::grinning:

We’ve got 7 people interested in this, which is a bit of a quiet one! So perhaps we’ll leave this and wait for our Fine Wine Small Wonders extravaganza on 18th July, although I definitely urge you all to try the wines (I will be!) and feel free to try them at a future guerilla tasting. :wink: